2 Creative Ways to Write a Book Manifesto in Under 4 Months

2 Creative Ways to Write a Book in Under 4 Months

Would it surprise you if I told you I wrote my latest 50,000+ word book, The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers, in under 4 months? Well, I’m no super hero and after I reveal my secret, you’ll be able to do it too. In today’s training video, I’m going to share with you my…

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One Weekend. Create 7 Income Streams. The Amplify Workshop

#230 Amplify workshop logo_3_FA

What if I told you there was a faster, smarter, and better way to get your message out to the masses in half the time? For many bloggers, authors, speakers, and content creators, it’s hard to see the big picture. We often get locked into the “one thing” we think will catapult our message to…

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How I Added 527 Subscribers in 5 Days with a Kindle Book


How long does it take you to add 500 or more email subscribers? If I asked the average blogger, their response would probably be at least a year. What if I told you it can be done in 5 days? Obviously, your milage may vary, but the average blogger would be super happy with 250…

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6 Lessons I Learned from My Most Successful Launch to Date

6 lessons from my most successful launch to date BYP

As many of you know, we are just wrapping up the recent launch of the new 2.0 version of Blogging Your Passion University. The university only opens up a few times a year. I know many of you are looking to do similar online product launches so I thought I’d pass along a few lessons…

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The Roadmap for Turning a Passionate Idea into a Profitable Online Business


Have you ever felt completely lost? I still remember as a kid sitting in the backseat of the station wagon. In the front seat is my Dad driving while Mom is unfolding one of those big state maps. Remember those? Before the days of GPS and iPhones, being able to read a paper map was your…

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The Secret Ingredient to Building a Business and Life You Love


What are you ultimately trying to accomplish with your work? Have you ever sat down and wrote out some guiding principles to help you as you build your career or business? A few years ago I had an “AHA” moment. I was blogging on the side and working a day job. Opportunities began to come…

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A Simple 7 Step Guide to Starting a Podcast

A Simple 7 Step Guide to Starting a Podcast

Do a quick search on “podcasting setup” and you’ll find many confusing diagrams. While there is no doubt some really cool equipment you can use in podcasting, you don’t need to start with an expensive studio to launch a successful podcast. Here is a simple guide to follow: Step 1. Choose your title and get…

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Grab a Free Copy of My New Blog Business Book on Amazon


As early as 2011, I began a quest. My quest was to create a clear, concise roadmap anyone could follow to become a full-time blogger. I was tired of seeing and hearing all of the hype about getting rich with online businesses. There was no shortage of pictures of so-called “gurus” leaning against their Lamborghinis…

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3 Systems Every Pro Blogger Needs


My favorite show on television is The Profit on MSNBC. It’s a business-related reality show about struggling businesses in need of a turn-around. A successful businessman named Marcus Lemonis meets with struggling business owners to find out where they are failing. If he sees potential in the business, Marcus will offer working capital into the…

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