The New Kajabi Review: Is it Really Worth It?

10 Reasons I Love the New Kajabi Platform for Influencers and Thought Leaders

Back in early 2010, I was struggling with my blog. I was posting at least three times a week back then, and was beginning to see some traction. I even made some decent money writing resumes and doing career coaching (my first blog was a career coaching blog). But there was still a major problem… […]

The New Kajabi Review

The Busy Blogger’s Weekly Blog Planner Template

Get your focus back with this 1-page planning tool

Have you lost focus? Are you frustrated with the lack of progress in your online business? Let’s solve that today with a simple 1-page planning tool. A few months ago, I was determined to create a simple one-page weekly planning tool. I wanted a simple tool that reminded me of the big picture. One of […]

Blog Planner Template

How to Turn Your Message into a 6 or 7 Figure Brand

Learn the 2 biggest constraints and the 4 concrete steps

What’s holding you back today from building a 6- or 7-figure brand? We live in the most amazing time in all of human history. Anyone anywhere at anytime can build a transformational business that helps others. Just think about how much our world has changed in the past twenty years? If you wanted to build […]

How to Turn Your Message into a Brand

4 Big Reasons I’m Excited About the Blab Platform

Why you need to run and record your first Blab session

Every week it seems a new social media platform is born. As content creators, we are already overwhelmed with all of the social media platforms that we think we “should” be on. Do we need one more social media platform? That’s exactly what I thought when I first heard of Blab. If you are not […]

4 Reasons I'm Excited About the Blab Platform

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Email List with a Free Plugin

Get the FREE tools I use to grow my blog

Growing a blog is hard work. Technology can be a pain. These are realities that never seem to go away. Yet, every once in awhile, a tool comes along that makes your life easier. About a year ago, a friend of mine encouraged me to take a look at a new tool. The tool was a […]

Free tools that will grow your blog

Meet Edgar Review – How to Be Everywhere Without Losing Your Mind

I often tell people that social media posting feels like pouring water into a leaky bucket. There are some cool social media scheduling tools out there, but most of them have one flawed problem – your need to constant fill up the bucket. Maybe you spend once a week scheduling quotes, image quotes, engaging questions, […]

Edgar Review

The Astonishing Power of Creating Checklists in Your Online Business

I love checklists. If there is a repeatable process in my online business, then I want to document it, refine it, and use it. When it comes to creating my checklists, I use Sweet Process. It is a great tool for capturing all the repeatable tasks you are performing as a blogger. I love documenting […]

5 Quick Blogging Tips You’ve Probably Not Heard About

It is always fun to come across some little known tip or trick as a blogger. I always enjoy discovering those one-time blogging tips you can add that make a difference. We can all use tips that: Simplify things we are already doing Save time on tasks we do on a regular basis Improve the […]

The Simple Blogging Guide to Keywords and SEO

Most bloggers I know have a love/hate relationship with keywords. We love keywords when they send us lots of traffic from the search engines. We hate keywords when it comes to doing the research to discover them. After all, we just want to hit the publish button, don’t we? While search engine traffic is not […]