A Simple 5 Step Planning Guide for Your Online Business

How to evaluate, plan, and grow your online buisness

Do you ever take time to evaluate what’s working or not working in your online business? So many of us are hustling and bootstrapping. I get it. I know you are busy. But even if you are making part-time income in your business, you should stop and evaluate how you are doing. I want to […]

grow your online business

3 Questions You Must Answer to Get Paid to Speak

Speak your passion, change lives

I still remember my first big public speaking opportunity. I was 19 years old and it was a gym full of high schoolers and parents. Sometimes it’s good to be young and naive. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. That was a good thing. While many people dread the idea of public speaking, still several […]

The Hard Truth About Launching Your First Product

We Launch, Then We Learn

Back in early 2010, I launched my very first course for sale. I made a total of $1455 from 15 sales. I was ecstatic…until reality set in. Since I didn’t want to create an entire course only to discover no one wanted it, I decided to “drip feed” the course one lesson at a time […]

Launching Your First Product

Earn a Living by Solving These 6 Problems

Which of These 6 Problems Does Your Blog Solve?

I’d easily win the award for the strangest little league photo as a kid. When I was in first grade, I came down with the chickenpox. Yes, the kind that is super contagious. Yet, even though I was contagious for some strange reason my parents still drove me to participate in my Little League team […]

Earn a Living by Solving At Least One of These 6 Problems

The Fastest Way to Grow Your Network as a Blogger

Become the biggest giver in every relationship

Most people hate the word networking. It just doesn’t feel right to them. It feels like a bunch of people trying to push their own agendas in order to get ahead in the world. Put in the mix important influencers and suddenly it feels more like junior high as you strategize what it’s going to […]

successful networking is about being the biggest giver in every relationship

The Big Audience Myth

Why a Smaller Engaged Audience Beats a Large Audience Every Time

There’s a myth that needs to be crushed. Your belief in this myth is holding you back from building a successful online business. What is this myth? It’s the false belief that we need a large audience to be successful. A smaller, engaged audience beats a large audience every time. “A smaller, engaged audience beats a […]

The Big Audience Myth

7 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Email List

Email is a communication tool not a broadcasting tool

Is your email inbox increasing in size like mine? While email is still one of the most intimate forms of communication an online business owner can have, the way you go about it is changing. Just like after awhile people can become “ad blind” to advertisements on a website, your audience can become “email blind.” Impersonal […]

Email is a Communication Tool and Not a Broadcasting Tool

How to Become a Full-Time Blogger in Half the Time

What the Most Successful Digital Entrepreneurs Would Do If They Had To Start All Over

What would the most successful people do if they had to start from scratch all over again? This is probably the most asked questions that successful digital entrepreneurs are asked. The question is asked because what beginners struggle with the most is focus. Not because they don’t have the ability to focus but because there […]

The Busy Blogger’s Ultimate Productivity Guide

Write. Automate. Outsource.

I’ve surveyed aspiring bloggers every year since 2011. Every year I ask a simple question. “What’s the #1 challenge you have when it comes to building a successful blog?” Although the polling audience size has grown year after year, the same response comes out on top. Can you guess what it is? Time.  What we have […]