How to Finally Nail Down Your Target Audience

Download Our One-Page Ideal Customer Profile Template

What if I choose the wrong niche? What if I choose the wrong topic to blog about? I hear these questions every week from new bloggers. I get it. No one wants to waste their time. If you are struggling with the above questions, allow me to walk you through an exercise that will help. […]

Ideal Customer Profile Template

How I Set 90 Day Blogging Goals

A Life-Changing, Business-Altering Goal Setting Plan

Every 90 days I take at least one or two days to do a quarterly review. It’s an opportunity for me to get a higher perspective on what’s working and what’s not in my online business. Whether you are a full-time blogger or it’s your side hustle, I want to introduce you to the power […]

How I Set 90 Day Goals

How I Doubled My Email List in a Single Day

A Guest Post from Brad Andres

This is a guest post from Brad Andres. He helps people like you understand the Bible and maximize their God-given potential for life. For more of Brad’s thoughts, check out his website   I get discouraged often. There’s always something new to do, a new way to promote, a new technique to implement. There’s […]

How I Doubled My Email List in a Single Day

The Roadmap for Turning a Passionate Idea into a Profitable Online Business

Have you ever felt completely lost? I still remember as a kid sitting in the backseat of the station wagon. In the front seat is my Dad driving while Mom is unfolding one of those big state maps. Remember those? Before the days of GPS and iPhones, being able to read a paper map was your […]


My 4 Favorite Traffic Strategies for List Building

Build an email list. If you are a student of blogging, you’ve heard this advice over and over again. It’s the energy and life of your business. But many bloggers are left wondering how to get traffic to even have people see their email opt in to begin with. I’m going to share with you […]


The Two Best Ways to Leverage Your Online Business

As you can tell, everything is changing at a rapid pace. To have a long career as a full-time blogger you’re going to need to see trends and be open for change in order to stay relevant. Any time I’m interviewed, there’s one interesting question that almost always come up: “Where do you see all […]


4 Ways to Select the Right Passion to Pursue as a Blog

How do I discover my passion? For a few of us the answer is pretty obvious, but for others it feels like a mystery. After working with thousands of passion seekers, let me provide you with some clues that might help. 1. You’ll find your passion in what you already love to learn about. Our […]


The Deep Belief That Your Message is Needed in the World

Confidence comes when you have a deep belief that your message is needed in the world. Most Pro Bloggers passionately understand this truth. They understand it so deeply that their message is more important than their personal popularity. Confidence comes when you have a deep belief that your message is needed in the world. Click […]

confidence 550

How Becoming a Better Listener Makes You a Better Blogger

Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, highly valued what people had to say. He once flew into Mt. Pleasant, Texas, and gave his copilot some unusual instructions. He asked him to meet him at a location over one hundred miles away. He then hopped into a Wal-Mart truck the rest of the way so he could […]