2 Proven Ways to Create an Amazing Book Outline

The hidden book writing profits formula most writers don't know about

You’ve wanted to write a book for awhile, but just not making progress. What’s stopping you? I think I know what it is… Many aspiring writers struggle to write because of two primary reasons: Fear – They doubt their message, ability to write, etc. Know how – They simply don’t know the structure of writing […]

create a book outline

How to Get an MBA in the Expert Business in Just 2 Weeks

The Amplify Summit - 10 Days, 27 Experts

One of the top determining factors of success is whether or not you decide to keep learning after college. Studies have shown that the average college graduate will only read one book after college over their lifetime. I remind my kids often that what I do today for work (running an online blogging business) didn’t […]

The Amplify Summit for Writers, Speakers, and Coaches

How to Partner with Others to Build an Amazing Online Business Fast

There’s an ancient Old Testament proverb that states, “One can chase a thousand while two can chase ten thousand.” In other words, what would happen if you stopped seeing other bloggers in your niche as competition and started collaborating with them instead? That’s what Gianna decided to do. Gianna is a hard working stay-at-home mom […]

how to partner with others to build an amazing business fast

22 Bloggers Who’ve Shaped My Thinking and Mentored Me From Afar

From time to time, I’ll get asked a variation of this question: “Which bloggers do you follow online?” Beginning bloggers want to know: Who has shaped my thinking? Which courses have I bought in the past? Which bloggers have mentored me from afar? Over the last few days, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the […]

Black Friday One-Day Sale!

Now that we are stuffed with turkey and stuffing, it seems appropriate to get in on the Black Friday action.  So what better way than to have a 50% off one-day sale? Today only you can get ANY of our courses – 101, 201, our Kindle Publishing Course, or even our 5-Week Video Course – […]