What My 8 Year Old Son Taught Me About Blogging

One of our motivational drivers for starting this blog was to counter-balance the online money making “hype” that has gotten out of control. Yes, it is true that now is a better time than ever to earn a good living online. However, it doesn’t happen the way that most people think. I personally grow weary […]

Happy 1st Birthday – Blogging Your Passion! [Giveaway]

What an amazing journey it has been in the past year! Blogging Your Passion is celebrating our 1st birthday. We are going to celebrate by doing a Giveaway! More on the giveaway in just a little bit. One year ago this past weekend, Bob published our first blog post on How to Create SEO-friendly URLs […]

Help! My site is infected with Malware!

I got an email that stopped me in my tracks the other day. It had a wonderfully intriguing title: Malware notification regarding ChristianPF.com. Apparently what had happened was that someone hacked into my forums and added a line of code that infected readers with malicious software when they visited the site – not cool.