The 9 Step Plan from Day Job to Dream Job with Kary Oberbrunner

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Is it possible to make the leap from your day job to your dream job? Is there a clearly defined plan you can follow to do so? I wanted to seek out these answers in a recent interview with Kary Oberbrunner.

Kary Oberbrunner Day Job to Dream Job Book Review

Kary left his day job to pursue his dream job — Igniting Souls. Through his writing, speaking, and coaching, he helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy. He is the founder of Redeem the Day, which serves the business community, and Igniting Souls, which serves the non-profit community.

He is also the author of a brand new book entitled: Day Job to Dream Job: Practical Steps for Turning Your Passion into a Full-Time Gig.

I know many of the readers of Blogging Your Passion are in this space right now. You probably are:

  • Working a full-time job but have a side hustle business you are passionate about
  • Always looking for time in your busy schedule to work on your blog
  • Desiring to have a roadmap that you can clearly follow to get you where you want to go

We cover this and much more in this podcast interview. Kary outlines what he calls the 9 step plan for moving from your day job to your dream job. They are:

  1. DESIGN Your Story – Your GPS Dictates Your Destination
  2. DESIGN Your Space – Our Experience Reflects Your Values
  3. DESIGN Your Service – Choose Your Solution, Then Your Service Style
  4. CREATE Your Platform – If You Want to be Heard, You Must be Seen
  5. CREATE Your Product – Products Increase Influence, Impact, and Income
  6. CREATE Your Promotion – Market before You Manufacture
  7. MAINTAIN Your Community – Every Dream Needs a Team
  8. MAINTAIN Your Clarity – Complexity Kills Clarity
  9. MAINTAIN Your Credibility – Success Is Found in Singularity


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I also ask Kary the following questions:

  • Why did you write the book?
  • Why do you say our Day Jobs are killing us?
  • You say the world and workforce have changed. What evidence do you have and
  • why does this relate to your book?
  • You talk about the need for a plan and then you provide 9 steps in your book.
  • Why is having a plan so important?
  • Share one of the 9 steps from your Dream Jobber Plan and why is it critical?
  • Why is it easier now than ever to create your own Dream Job?
  • You and your team now run a Dream Job Bootcamp. People from all over the world attend. Some bootcamps are online and some take place at Shawshank prison. Why do people come and what results are you seeing?



If you’d like to grab an advance copy of the book Day Job to Dream Job for only $6.99 along with the other bonuses Kary mentioned on the podcast, click here



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    • Rebecca Livermore

      Such a great interview, Jonathan and Kary! The point that stood out to me the most is how risky a job is since you only have one source of income, rather than multiple sources of income that you have as an entrepreneur.

    • Jimmy Burgess

      Great interview.