How to Get an MBA in the Expert Business in Just 2 Weeks

The Amplify Summit - 10 Days, 27 Experts

One of the top determining factors of success is whether or not you decide to keep learning after college. Studies have shown that the average college graduate will only read one book after college over their lifetime.

The Amplify Summit for Writers, Speakers, and Coaches

I remind my kids often that what I do today for work (running an online blogging business) didn’t even exist when I was in college. So, that begs the question, “How did I get to where I am today?” I decided to keep learning.

Here’s two quotes I love that proves the importance of self-education:

I hope you value the importance of self-education. We all should be growing in our knowledge, experience and skill so we can go to a new level in serving others.

This is why I wanted to bring together 27 of the most successful writers, speakers, and coaches I know. Specifically, I wanted them to share how their businesses run and how they have built multiple income streams in their business.

It’s called the Amplify Summit.

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Sitting through these interviews has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I told my wife that I felt like I just received an MBA in the Business School of Writing, Speaking and Coaching.

For a limited time, you can grab a free ticket to this event.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

Learning Track #1: Speaking

  • Ken Davis – Practical Tips and Strategies for Launching Your Speaking Career
  • Grant Baldwin – 9 Ways You Can Get Booked and Paid to Speak
  • Hugh Culver– The Business of Speaking: 4 Smart Steps to Getting Paid to Speak More Often
  • Kent Julian – 5 Steps to Go from Zero Exposure and Zero Bookings to a 6-Figure Income as a Speaker
  • Marisa Shadrick– 3 Practical Tips for Crafting a Message That Has Lasting Impact
  • Michael Hudson – Best Practices for Speakers in Establishing a Personal Connection with Any Audience in Any Venue
  • Dennis McIntee – How to Become a Big Fish in a Little Pond as a Speaker and Create a Multiple Six-Figure Income

Learning Track #2: Writing

  • Ray Edwards – How to Write and Speak Words That Sell
  • Kary Oberbrunner– How I Created 3 Six-Figure Businesses from 3 Different Books
  • Rob Kosberg – What To Do After You’ve Written Your Book
  • Nick Loper – How to Repurpose Existing Content into Paid Income Streams
  • Rebecca Livermore – Write Like Your Hair’s on Fire: Productivity Secrets for Authors
  • Lindsey Hartz – How to Create an Effective, Strategic Book Launch Plan
  • Daniel Decker – Best Practices for Using a Book Launch Team to Catapult Your Next Book to Bestseller Status
  • Kirsten Oliphant – How to Find Readers and Raving Fans Without Feeling Smarmy
  • Chad Allen – 7 Secrets of Contract Winning Book Proposal

Learning Track #3: Coaching

  • Dan Miller – A Six-Figure Revenue Strategy Guide for Writers, Speakers, and Coaches
  • Jeremie Kubicek – The 5 Gears for Writers, Speakers and Coaches
  • Michael Nichols – How to Get the Most Out of Every Coaching Session
  • Mike Kim– 7 Steps to a Profitable Personal Brand
  • Scott Oldford – An 8-Step Formula to Building a Profitable Marketing Funnel with Your Next Book, Service or Product
  • Lisa Bloom – How to Craft Your Unique Story to Get Great Clients
  • Jevonnah Ellison – How to Create Transformational Coaching Programs and Live Events
  • Kirk Bowman – Value Pricing and Creating Options for Coaches and Speakers
  • Michael Margolis – The 7 Storytelling Steps for How To Write A Professional Bio

As you can see, the education from this free summit can change the trajectory of your business. If you want to write, speak or coach for a living, then this is a must attend event.

Give us two weeks, and we’ll give you an MBA in the Business School of Writing, Speaking, and Coaching.

Grab your free ticket here.

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    Jonathan has been blogging since 2009 and is still in awe that the Creator of the Universe desires to have a relationship with him. His passions include spending time with his kids, reading, March Madness, surprise get-a-way trips with his wife, and watching funny YouTube videos.

    • Jevonnah Ellison

      Jonathan, I’m both honored & humbled to be a part of your stellar event! Thank you!

      • Jonathan Milligan

        So glad you are a part of this event!

    • Philip Amiola

      Thanks a lot for putting together such a rich event as this. I appreciate your generosity in giving so much value for free.

      • Jonathan Milligan

        Thanks Phillip. Glad you caught the spirit of what we are trying to do.

    • Bo Miller

      Jonathan, I read your book, The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers, and have saved a number of your blogs in Evernote. I’ve listened to your podcasts and watched some of your videos. Your content continues to answer my questions and give me direction. Thanks for putting together such a helpful summit, and thanks for creating great content!

      • Jonathan Milligan

        Thanks Bo! So glad to be a part of your journey. Excited to see what you do in the days ahead.

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