How to Properly Copy and Paste Your Content into WordPress

One of the struggles I had early on as a blogger had to do with copying and pasting content into WordPress. It sounds like such a simple thing, but I was doing it all wrong. For months, I was typing my blog posts in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Then, I would just highlight, copy, and paste directly into WordPress.

It wasn’t until someone pointed it out to me that I had a formatting problem. Sometimes the font was a different size than the blog post before it and so on. What I finally realized is that Microsoft Word was carrying over code that I was not seeing. Then one day I switched the tab over to the HTML view, and I saw all of the extra code I was carrying over from Microsoft Word.

My Simple Solution

The latest version of WordPress now comes with special “paste” buttons for transferring content from a text editor and Microsoft Word (see video below). However, I have another habit that seems to work for me. I always paste my content into the HTML tab inside WordPress. This will strip out any code and keep it simple for me.

Now, some of you might be saying, “Why not just write your blog post directly inside of WordPress?” I do that from time to time, but I have also been burned a few times. I like typing my content in a document that saves it while I type. For some unknown reason, we lost electricity for a brief moment twice in the past week. Had I been typing in WordPress, I would have probably lost a good portion of my article. I am currently using It is designed for authors who are writing books, but I am also using it to write my blog posts.

If you cannot see the video above, watch How to Properly Copy and Paste Your Content into WordPress directly on YouTube.

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    • Tom

      Thanks for this, I have always written my blogs in Word and then pasted into WordPress. Knew there were issues and I have to play with spacing, etc…will check out the video and the HTML option. I have been using from your suggestion on the book project but have not used it for blogging.
      Thank you Jonathan for your wealth of knowledge and heart to share and educate!

    • joe jar

      Thanks for the info, I need to check my blog for those types of errors. I type my blog post in WordPress but then copy and paste into MS Word 2010 to run a spelling and grammar check. I tried using Grammarly as you suggested in a previous post but found it too complicated for me. I also learned to check my settings in Word so my spelling and grammar checker is working properly. I like to check in word because I can double space and get a good look at what I am writing. Then I paste my post back into wordpress. I will check closer to see if I can spot mistakes.

    • Aaron

      I will definitely try this. I have pasted my last few posts from Word and for the life of me could not figure out why I was having spacing problems. I had previously written posts in a text editor and then formatted them in WordPress. I will also try Losing a post to a power outage would be extremely frustrating!

      • Jonathan

        Hi Aaron. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

    • Johnhallusa

      Something I’ve been using that is dead-simple is QuietWrite. It’s clutter free, I can set the background to blue with white fonts (easy on the eyes) kinda like Word Perfect back in the day. And, it seemlessly imports to your Word Press blog directly. While my blog is not yet active, I’ve been able to create a number of entries that are easy to edit on a whim. There are probably others, but this is so easy a caveman can do it! I like easy.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, QuietWrite is great too….

    • Selena Garrison

      This was really helpful, thanks! I’ve started copying and pasting directly into the HTML tab and it’s working great:)

      • Anonymous

        awesome. Glad to hear!

    • Brett

      Any particular reason you chose not to use something like Windows Live Writer 2011 ? I’m pretty sure it solves all of main problems and concerns of writing & posting to a blog. Plus it has features that are made especially for blogging. Have you tried this application yet?

    • Curtis Smale

      Thank you so much, Jonathan! That was exactly what I needed to know!