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Write & Publish A Kindle Book in 30 Days!

In this online video course you are going to learn:


how to publish a kindle book

1. How to Research Your Kindle Book

Success and failure can depend on what categories you choose for your books. You want to find a hot selling category that has low competition.

2. Tricks To Speed up the Writing Process

I am going to share 4 tools I used to write my first Kindle book in less than 30 days. I will also share a strategy I am going to implement with my future Kindle books.

3. Things You Must Know When Publishing Your Kindle Book

You will be able to avoid rookie mistakes by learning the right steps to take when you are adding your book to the Kindle Library.

4. How to Promote Your  Book To Actually Get Sales

The great thing about Amazon is they do the heavy lifting for you. However, you can increase your sales by doing a few other things right. We are going to share several free strategies you can use to promote your Kindle Book.


What’s Included In The Kindle Publishing Course?

Over 24 Step-by-Step Videos

Each video is designed to take you through the step-by-step process of how to write and publish your Kindle book. The videos can be paused and reviewed over and over until you complete the process!

Checklist PDF’s

On the members only page, you are going to have access to several PDF Checklists. You can print these out and use them to help you along the way to Kindle success!

Private Facebook Group

This is a great place to ask other Kindle authors questions, exchange honest reviews, and meet like-minded people to hold you accountable to your goals. This is the heart of the program. You can learn from other aspiring Kindle authors! Jonathan and Bob will also be active in this group.

Jonathan’s Mindmap PDF of the Kindle Process

Jonathan has spent several weeks reading, listening, and experimenting with publishing on the Amazon Kindle. He has placed the entire process on a PDF that you will be able to download on the member’s only page.

My Kindle Formatted Template

There are experts actually selling courses on how to properly format your Kindle book. You can save many hours by just downloading Jonathan’s Kindle Formatted Template. All you need to do is plug in your content! Huge Time Saver!

Video Screencast Recording on How to Upload Your Kindle Book (Walkthrough)

Many first-time authors do not know what to choose as they upload their Kindle book for approval to the Kindle Library. This video walkthrough is just like looking over Jonathan’s shoulder as he walks you through what to do.


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The Kindle Your Passion course is an online course filled with videos and Kindle publishing tutorials to help you write, publish, and start selling your Kindle book within 30 days!