10 Questions to Test Your Passion [Podcast]

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Have you discovered your passion? Is your passion really yours or was it given to you? Are you holding back from really going for it? These are the questions that we have to honestly answer if we are ever going to pursue our passions.

If you think you have some insight as to what your passion in life might be, then I have a litmus test for you to take. By asking yourself these ten questions, you can solidify once and for all that you have discovered your passion.

Why We Started This Blog

Starting this blog for me was fulfilling one of my deepest passions. To use my coaching ability to support and inspire others. It is what I think about, dream about, and do everyday. My Dad has been a basketball coach all of his life and many of the same principles exist. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the light bulb come on or helping someone improve their game.

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The 10 Question Passion Litmus Test

The questions that I am about to share with you are not from me, but from a book that I highly recommend that you read called the Passion Plan. In the book, Richard Chang outlines 10 questions that you should answer about your passion.

The more that you answer yes, the more certain you can be that you have discovered your passion. The important thing to remember here is that you must be truthful. It is better that you answer no and think harder about what your passion might be instead of falsely moving forward with something that you really are not all that passionate about.

1. Do you lose track of time when engaged in the activity?

2. Do you perform beyond your normal capabilities when engaged in it?

3. Is your energy level higher when engaged in it?

4. Do you get excited in anticipation of engaging in it?

5. Do you dream about the activity?

6. Is your enthusiasm for it consistent over time?

7. Do you feel more confident or empowered while engaged  in it?

8. Do others notice you based on your involvement/performance in it?

9. Do others rally around you or want to be involved with you in the activity?

10. Do you feel energized after engaging in it?

So, how did you do? Remember you do not have to answer yes on all 10 for something to be your passion. This is not an exact science, but it should provide some insight and confidence that you are heading in the right direction.

Focus Your Passion in Blogging

I am a big believer in this and it is the main idea behind starting this blog. Whatever you are passionate about I guarantee others out there are as well. By starting a blog and blogging your passion you will begin to attract others and develop influence with them.

Over time you will be able to promote a cause, write a best selling book, start a coaching practice, or just earn passive income writing about your passion. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter as we share with you exactly how to do this.

Question: How did you do with the above passion test? Would love to hear your comments.