11 More Ideas for Monetizing a Blog [Podcast]

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Today we finish a 4-part podcast series that offers several ideas for monetizing a blog. If you missed the first three episodes, here they are:

21+ Ways to Earn Money Blogging

Our hope is that we have convinced you over this series that it is possible to blog your passion and make money. It doesn’t happen overnight. Let us be clear about that. But I cannot think of a better business to start than blogging on the side.

Blogging is a portable, lifestyle business that you can build slowly over time, while maintaining your day job.

In this last episode of this series, Bob and I share 11 more ideas on how you can monetize your blog. Our goal has not been for you to run and try to layer all 21 income ideas on top of your blog. Maybe 3 or 4 of these ideas make the most sense for what you are doing. Maybe donations is the primary income stream for those of you who have blogs that promote a certain cause.

Either way, we hope you will see there are plenty of possibilities that exist. You just need to open your eyes and begin the learning process.


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In order to get a more fuller explanation of what each income stream is and how it works, we are going to encourage you to listen to the podcast above. Here is a brief run down of what is discussed:

  • Webinars – There is an incredible opportunity that exists with holding free or paid webinars. It is a great way to really connect with your tribe.
  • Donations – Does your blog have a cause that it is all about? Use paypal and ask people to donate to what you are doing.
  • In-text Advertising – You can earn money with the articles you are writing by adding ads to your text.
  • Selling a Hardcover Book – Many bloggers have taken a collection of their blog posts and sold them in a hardcover book.
  • Creating a conference around the website – Whether online or in-person you can host a conference that surrounds your passion.
  • CPM Advertising Networks – Advertisers will pay you money just for displaying their ads on your blog. The more traffic you have the more money you make.
  • RSS Feed Ads – You can sell advertising space right inside your RSS feed.
  • CPA (Cost Per Action) – Companies will pay you per lead. All you need to do is add their advertising in your sidebar.
  • Merchandising (t-shirts, mugs, CDs DVDs, physical products) – physical products can be sold from your blog.
  • Software, Plugins, Themes, Apps – you can have someone create a software, theme, app, or plugin you have always wanted and sell it on your blog for others to purchase.
  • Premium Content – you can get readers to pay a monthly fee to access your more premium content or tools if you’d like.

If you want to discover where to get started making some of the income streams list above, then check out our income resources page. We are continually updating this page so you have a one-stop shop for discovering money making opportunities with your blog.

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