2 Simple Ways to Find Blog Topic Ideas for Any Niche

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I was recently talking with a friend who wanted to know more about blogging. One of his big questions was “Don’t you run out of ideas to write about?” I think this is a very valid question. If you want to be in blogging for the long haul, then you have to have a few ways that you come up with blog topic ideas on a regular basis. You should always be filling your pipeline with ideas.

As you’ve heard it preached about on this blog, we believe that choosing a topic you have a passion for is absolutely critical. You will lose motivation quickly if you select something because it has the greatest potential to earn money. That being said, you shouldn’t completely ignore the commercial viability of your niche either. It is actually a really good thing if there are other bloggers running successful blogs in your niche.

2 Simple Ways to Find Blog Topic Ideas for Any Niche

While there are many ways to come up with ideas, here is a short list of some of my favorites.

1. Use Amazon and Find “Dummies” Books.

One of my favorite techniques for discovering blog topic ideas is to look through the table of contents of “dummies” books on Amazon. For example, if I wanted to start a camping blog, I would look for any “Camping for Dummies” books on Amazon. Amazon allows you to take a sneak peak at the book. The dummies series always does a really good job of organizing and listing out in great detail everything about a topic.

Have a pen ready as you can jot down ideas for the major categories of your blog or specific topic ideas that you have never thought of. I recently used this technique with a blog of mine that already has over 180 blog posts written on the subject. I was still able to find several blog topic ideas that I had not thought about.

If you like to use digital solutions like me, then consider using Evernote as a way to capture all your blog topic ideas. I simply created a folder called “@BlogIdeas.” Then, I have a note for each blog with a running list of topic ideas.

2. Use Google Reader and Subscribe to Several Other Blogs in Your Niche

Let me be clear up front, the purpose is not to steal other people’s content. We are all about original content. The goal here is to use a site like Google Reader to simply keep a pulse on what is being talked about in your niche. This will help you to stay ahead of the curve and be a market leader for your niche.

I like Google Reader because I can create a folder for each niche I have. Inside each folder I have between 5 to 10 blogs that I am following. I don’t necessarily even follow the 5 largest blogs in my niche. I am just looking for super “active” blogs that are adding content on a regular basis. Be careful not to waste a whole lot of time reading through everything in your feed. I just simply skim through the combined theme in my niche looking at just the titles for anything that captures my attention. I click on the “star” for those that I find to be interesting. Later, I may even read the blog posts that I starred. This will supply you with blog topic ideas that will keep your pipeline full for sure.


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Question: What are some ways that you come up with blog topic ideas?