3 Primary Ways Pro Bloggers Communicate Their Passion

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Most of the emails we receive from bloggers has to do with the overwhelm they feel with blogging. In the beginning, they were running off of pure enthusiasm. Just one nice comment would give them the fuel they needed for another week of blogging.

After awhile, most bloggers end up in the fuzzy middle – too far to turn back but not where they want to be. They often get lost in a sea of:

  • Improving their blog design
  • Gaining a presence on all social media outlets
  • Finding ways to make money
  • Facing technology challenges
  • Trying the latest secret ninja traffic technique
My list could go on and on. There is no question many bloggers can get overwhelmed quickly. The quickest way out of the “fuzzy middle” is to eliminate the non-essential and focus on the essential. A few questions you need to ask might be:
  • What can you outsource so that you can focus on the essential?
  • What can you stop doing that is not adding value to your blog?
  • What items are just a distraction for you?
When it comes to analyzing the work load of pro bloggers, you will find that they place a high value on 3 essential things.

Your Followers Want to:

1. Read What You Write (Text)

One of your high value activities should be focused on writing. If you absoulutely hate to write, then speak your blog post into a recorder and have someone transcribe it for you. Your followers want to read what you write. The written word can be very powerful. It is easy to share with others through social media. Your followers can digest your thoughts through blog posts, RSS readers, Kindle book, or even a physical book.

2. Hear What You Say (Audio)

Your followers also want to hear what you have to say. Hearing your voice can bring about a personal connection that text cannot. They can feel the emotion, passion, and compassion behind what you have to say. This is why podcasts are so popular. Your followers can be influenced by you on their morning jog or daily commute. Do you currently have an audio outlet for your blog?

3. Watch What You Do (Video)

Many of your followers might learn best visually. Whether it is a screencast of your computer screen or a PowerPoint slide presentation, consider recording videos for your audience. You can share your videos on YouTube, Viddler, and Vimeo. You may even consider recording video of yourself. This is a great way to connect visually with your audience. They will feel better connected to you.

When it comes down to it, there are only 3 essential ways bloggers communicate to their audience: text, audio, and video. What would happen if you placed a priority in those 3 areas?

How Am I Supposed to Do All of This?

I know what you might be thinking: Aren’t you giving me more to do? Here is where I am going to let you in on a pro blogger secret. The secret lies in re-purposing your content. Maybe you have an old blog post you can turn into an awesome podcast. Sure, you may want to add some updates, but your outline is ready to go.

Here are a few other ways to re-purpose your content:

  • You can also transcribe the audio of your podcast into a series of blog posts
  • Add PowerPoint slides to your audio recording and create a YouTube video
  • Turn a series of blog posts into an email auto-responder series
  • Turn a series of blog posts into a Kindle Book or hardback book
  • Turn a webinar recording into a series of podcasts, videos, or blog posts

The truth is the options are endless. I currently have my whiteboard covered in ideas on how to further syndicate my passion. I plan on writing a whole blog post on this topic soon.

Question: Where are you placing your priorities when it comes to blogging? 

12 thoughts on “3 Primary Ways Pro Bloggers Communicate Their Passion”

  1. Jonathan, thank you so much for the article. I do a blog with my brother and literally just had a conversation about this “fuzzy middle” with him this morning. It’s like you knew we needed an answer to our question! What you described is exactly where we are at the moment and your article is going to help me focus on getting past this!

    1. Jonathan Milligan

      Awesome Karen. I know how the “fuzzy middle” feels. In many ways, I still feel like I am there at times. Having a focus on creating content that adds value to others is the true passion of my life. I start my week there and everything else will fall into place eventually.

  2. Fuzzy middle is a great description as to what it feels like (and is) when you’re working through the process of what is important versus what is superfluous. I’m still there and plowing through… LOL. It has been recommended that I turn my stories with my illustrations into an ebook. What do you think? Do I have enough? Are to good enough?

  3. I actually start with the transcript sort of as notes, then build a Keynotes presentation on my Macbook. After that I convert it to Video to upload on YouTube. I also convert it to Mp3 out of the keynote, as well as convert it to PDF. The transcripts were done on a notepad or wordpad time of file then converted to Word Doc, then also converted to a PDF transcript (which can be used later as a page in an e-Book). So after one presentation I have:

    Notepad Transcripts
    Word Doc Transcripts
    PDF Transcripts
    A Keynote
    A Keynote that looks like a Powerpoint in PDF format
    A Video In m4v and .mov formats for YouTube and blog
    A mp3 ready to upload as podcast to iTunes

    This is what I do every presentation.

    1. Jonathan Milligan

      I love this! Thanks for sharing your process. We have plans to share more about this in the future. I may just call it “Syndicate Your Passion” or “Leverage Your Passion.” Love it.

  4. Bastiats Corner

    Thanks for the great advice! It can be so difficult to keep going after the initial thrill is gone. I think one of the biggest challenges is lack of inspiration past the first couple of months, like you’re out of ideas. This was very helpful.

  5. Great article Jonathan! I especially like your suggestions that you take an older post and turn it into a podcast or add some slides and YouTube it. I think that one of the biggest challenges that beginning bloggers face is having the discipline to keep focused on the created and submitting good quality content at a min of 3 times per week. You have given me some great information to incorporate into my blog regimen.

    1. Jonathan Milligan

      Awesome. Please share if you discover some more ways to re-purpose content. I am always adding to my list.

  6. Rajdeep Srivastav

    Keep updating blog with quality content is very difficult for beginners. Bloggers are lacking in inspiration for frequent updates is the efficient one. This will be very helpful and thanks for sharing

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