3 Facebook Marketing Ninja Tactics You Can Use

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Lately I have been spending some extra time and effort at better understanding some of the new features in the Facebook Timeline Fan Page. Today, I want to share with you 3 simple marketing tactics that you can start using today.

It is no mystery that millions of people spend hours on Facebook everyday. If you want to build a platform then you need to have some type of strategy with Facebook. The three tips that I am about to share will:

  • Help you get more “likes”
  • Network with other successful bloggers in your niche
  • Drive more traffic to your Facebook Fan Page

Let’s jump right in!

3 Facebook Marketing Ninja Tactics You Can Use

Before I share with you the 3 tips, I want to be clear that you can abuse these. Please do not get “spammy” with them. Like with anything, more does not always mean “better.”

1. Get More “Likes” By Using the “Build Your Audience” Feature

In your admin panel for your Facebook Fan Page, there is a “Build Your Audience” feature. There are a few options, but one in particular that I want to share with you has to do with inviting your friends.

A great way to boost your likes and get “social proof” for your fan page is to reach out to some of your biggest fans. Select your most supportive friends from your list and get them to like your page.

2. Network with Other Influential Bloggers by Using the Private Message Feature

The new Facebook fan pages allow you to message the owner of the page. This shows up in a prominent spot inside their admin panel. It is hard for a page owner to overlook it. I figured out this feature as a result of fans sending me messages on my career coaching blog. I think if you strategically us it the right way, you can capture their attention much easier than email.

3. Drive Traffic to Your Fan Page by Commenting as Your Page Profile

I explain this in greater detail in the video below. You can select which “persona” you want to comment as in Facebook. In other words, I can leave a comment as “Blogging Your Passion” on another Facebook fan page. If used in the right way, you can drive traffic back to your fan page from other fan pages.

Watch the video below for a fuller explanation of what I have described above. If you cannot see the video in your RSS feed, then watch 3 Facebook Marketing Tips directly on YouTube.