3 Reasons Why You\'re Not Going All In [Podcast]

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Are you hesitant about fully going for it?

There was once a famous trapeze artist who was teaching his students the art of being a star performer on the trapeze bar. One particular student was having a difficult time fully going for it and was often filled with fear.

“I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” the student gasped. The instructor put his hand on the student’s shoulder and said, “Son, you can do it, and I will tell you how.” He then made a statement I will never forget:

“Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow.”

You know what my #1 problem was for a long time? I wasn’t throwing my heart over the bar. I would dabble here and dabble a little bit there.

  • I wanted results without work.
  • I wanted proof of a harvest without any serious planting.
  • I wanted to know with absolute certainty that something was going to work before I invested any thought.
  • I wanted to receive well beyond what I was willing to give.

Does that describe you at all?

If so, I want to help you take a different path. I want to encourage you to throw your heart over the bar. How would your situation be different a year from now if you chose to fully go for it?

In order to understand how to fully commit, we need to look at the reasons that stop us. The following three reasons come from Marie Forleo, along with my own comments and insights.


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Reason #1: You lack good ideas

Sometimes we sit still because we have no clue where to start. I get that. Maybe you do not see yourself as a creative person. Since you are not creative, you let the fear of not being good enough control you. Some of the negative thoughts you have might sound like this:

  • There are too many blogs in my niche already.
  • I missed the curve and should have started a blog a few years ago before they became so popular.
  • Other bloggers in my niche are better writers or way more creative than I could ever be.

We let these defeating thoughts control us. Since we do not have an earthshaking good idea…..we just wait. Here is the thing. Almost every successful blogger you can find, didn’t start where they are today. Their clarity came from movement. They started anyways. Later, the ideas began to unfold but not until they started taking action. Don’t wait for a good idea to come find you…go hunt it down.

Reason #2: You have too many ideas

I get this question a lot from Blogging Your Passion University 101 students. In the course, we challenge them to select at least 6 areas of interest that you could blog about if you wanted to.

Then we take them through a series of questions to help them narrow their focus. Sometimes it is picking one interest and sometimes it is combining several interests under one theme.

If there is one area I personally struggle, it is having too many ideas. I don’t say that to pat myself on the back. I often have lots of ideas and very little action.

Too many ideas will paralyze you. It will freeze you in your tracks. The result is you do nothing. Some of the defeating thoughts we think are:

  • What if I choose the wrong niche or idea?
  • What if I suddenly lose interest in the idea I go with?
  • What if another idea is more profitable than the one I choose?

Fear controls us because we are so concerned about making the wrong choice. I was once so frustrated with the lack of progress and the analysis paralysis that I was living with that one day I declared: “I’m ready to just go and fail at something.” Failing at one of my ideas was far less painful than choosing to not do anything. Maybe you need to declare that today.

Reason #3: You have a good idea, but not sure if it will work

We want certainty. We want to know that something will work before we put all of our time, energy, and effort into it. It is just human nature. The challenge is the longer we brew on an idea the more reasons we come up with why it won’t work. The negative nazis get us every time. In order to snap out of this and get moving we need to ask ourselves a powerful question:

no regrets


The above quote is the ultimate decision maker. As the late Jim Rohn often said: “Discipline weighs in ounces and regret in tons.” If you have no regrets, then let that thing go. If there are regrets, then stop analyzing and start making it happen.

When I started my first career coaching blog, I thought I could only make money by giving away my time. The only two areas I could foresee making money was in career coaching calls and building resumes. Today, I have over 12 income sources from that blog, many of which are passive. Opportunities often come to those who are already walking the path.

Question: Which of the 3 reasons mentioned above can you most identify with? Please share below….