3 Ways to Elevate Your Blog to Awesomeness

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Okay so maybe you have been blogging for awhile, but not a whole lot is happening. Assuming you know the mechanics of SEO, social media, and keyword research, what else can you do to elevate traffic to your site? Here are 3 things for you to consider:

3 Ways to Elevate Your Blog to Awesomeness

1. Freshness – Post on a regular basis

My first bit of advice would be to challenge you to post more often. It is a known fact that Google likes websites that are updating fresh new content on a regular basis. I am not suggesting that you reduce your quality in order to post daily. I am just challenging you to push yourself a bit. If you are only posting once a week, make it 3 times a week. Go for daily if you can!

Google Analytics

The chart above is from my Google Analytics a few years back. I was bumping along with not a whole lot of growth. When I began to finally take blogging serious, my traffic started to grow. I don’t think this was the only contributing factor, but I know that it was indeed a factor for sure.

2. Uniqueness – Don’t copy from other places

This should be obvious for most of you, but still a good reminder. Google wants unique content. They are getting better and better at filtering out duplicate content. Along with that, I would recommend staying away from content “spinners.” Let me explain what they are for people who have not heard them.

A content spinner software will take a piece of content and substitute synonyms with many different words in an attempt to create a unique article. I wouldn’t do this for several reasons. First, you are still plagiarizing someone else’s work in my opinion. Second, the recent Panda update hit people hard that were not providing high-quality, unique content.

3. Richness – Add pics or videos to content

If you want to elevate your blog to awesomeness, then add some richness to your articles. Can you add pictures or graphs to explain what your article is about? Record a quick video related to your blog post and upload to YouTube. Not only does Google like to see this “value-added” content, but you can get separate search engine traffic to your pictures and your videos.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine (ahead of Bing and Yahoo)?

Here is a great example. A few months back, Bob wrote a post about how to auto-feed your content to Facebook. Besides writing a blog post, he decided to create a step by step video and post to YouTube. At the time of writing this post, that video alone has been viewed 6,000+ times.

Most of that traffic found the video on YouTube first, then came to our blog. That is just one example of how putting a little extra effort can yield massive results.

What are you going to do this year to elevate your blog to Awesomeness?

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  1. Like this well said got this from Louise Woodburys’ tweet- and I am going to retweet you- it is so important bloggers write their own content and post often also might add answer your feedback

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