4 Real Blogging Stories That Will Inspire You

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On occasion, I will get asked if we have any success stories from the blogging courses we teach. It is a fair question.

The truth is I probably don’t do a very good job at sharing the many success stories we get via email from students.

I do capture all them via Evernote.

I thought it would be an encouragement for you to hear from real people who are going for it. They are working hard at building their online platforms through blogging.

Most of these students have been blogging for less than a year! Regardless of where you are on your journey, these stories will inspire you.

In full disclosure: I sent an email out asking for stories to share of people who have benefited from being a member of Blogging Your Passion University.

4 Real Blogging Stories That Will Inspire You

Let me introduce you to Rocky. He has a passion for helping others find and do work they love. Here is what Rocky from WorkYouCanLove.com had to say about being a member of BYPU:

Meet Connie. Connie runs a growing DIY and lifestyle blog over at APeekAtParadise.com. She has seen her traffic grow by more than 20% every single month she has been a member of BYPU. Take a moment and hear Connie’s story:


Say hello to Michelle. Michelle has a passion for fitness. She has accomplished some incredible physical feats in her lifetime, including some ultra marathons.

She was looking for a way to share her passion for fitness. Using our guidance she created and launched OneFitEarth.com. Now, she’s about to launch her first product and earn money with her blog!



Meet Heather. Heather is from New Zealand and is a fantastic graphic artist. She blogs over at TheLittleDesignLab.com. BYPU has enabled her to get her blog up and running. She’s already picked up new clients as a result! Hear Heather’s story:



I want to share your story! We are currently opening enrollment for our Fall Semester of Blogging Your Passion University. Enrollment closes on October 1st. After that date, we will get to work at helping our blogging students succeed. To learn more about this opportunity, click here.

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  1. Wow, these are some great success stories, I want to grow up to be just like them – lol! Thanks for all you do, I just need to check in more often.

  2. Thanks for these videos, Jonathon – it’s nice to see my new BYPU friends and hear their accents! You really are helping a lot of people.

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