4 Things I Learned After Two Years of Blogging

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I had the fortunate opportunity recently to have a conversation with Timo Kiander of ProductiveSuperDad.com. Timo has an interesting story that I wanted all of you to hear. He has been blogging for just over two years and has achieved some amazing results.

In 2012, he decided to focus his strategy on guest posting. His goal was for 20% of his content to publish on his blog, and 80% of his content to be published on other blogs. During those 12 months, he was able to publish 73 guest posts on other high profile sites. Some of these were blogs with major readership like ThinkTraffic.net.

What is most impressive about Timo’s story is that he accomplished this feat while being extremely busy.

  • He has a full-time job that he works from 8-4 daily.
  • He is from Finland which is several hours ahead of most bloggers in his niche
  • He is a marathon runner and triathlete
  • He is married and has a family

In this podcast, we specifically talk about 4 lessons Timo learned after two years of blogging. Whether you are just getting started or maybe your blog traffic has become stagnant, I want to encourage you to take a close look at what Timo did to grow his blog.

Here is a summary of the 4 things Timo learned after two years of blogging:

1. Get your content in front of others’ eyes – Last year Timo decided to focus on a very specific strategy for growing his blog. He published over 73 guests posts! in the podcast he talks about how he pulled this off while having a day job.

2. You can build a successful blog even if you have a family and a day job – Timo works 8-4 Monday through Friday and has still been able to build a successful blog on the side. He shares his tips for how he manages it all.

3. Write down your processes and work to improve them – Timo recognized that if he wanted to reach his lofty goals, he was going to have to get organized and streamline the way he did things in order to not waste any time.

4. Pick your three – As a blogger, you know there is a lot of things you could be spending your time on. Timo decided to just pick three areas and make them his priorities. This can give you a tremendous amount of focus.

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Question: What productivity tips can you share that have helped you in your blogging journey?


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  1. Loved this podcast! It addressed exactly what I’m wrestling with right now– how to build productive habits as I launch my blog. Thank you!

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