5 Common Reasons Bloggers Fail

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Millions of blogs are created each month, and many of them fail. The reasons for starting a blog vary, but the reasons for failure may not be as far-flung.

Indeed, here are some of the more common reasons that bloggers fail:

1. Results Come Too Slow

Many bloggers expect results to come quickly. When reality sets in and results take longer to achieve, these bloggers become discouraged and quit. The truth of the matter is that blogging success can take time.

A great deal of time. If you think that you will start a blog, and then see results (whether they are traffic results or financial results) in a couple of weeks, you will be disappointed.

If you want to succeed, you have to realize that results can take time. And you have to keep plugging away.

2. Can’t Deal with Criticism

Not everyone is going to agree with you. And sometimes people become downright nasty. They leave rude comments, or make personal attacks. While you can moderate your comments and get rid of trolls, you still need to be able to handle legitimate criticism. Realize that not everyone agrees with you. Additionally, distance yourself from nasty comments.

Understand that you can’t take those types of things personally, especially when the attacks are probably meant to bully you rather than make a good point.

3. Too Concerned about Stats

It’s easy to get caught up with stats, checking them multiple times a day and worrying about how many page views you have. Instead, think about the goals of your blog, and consider building a community. Eventually, a good community trumps all the page views in the world.

Besides, good community leads to better stats over time. Rather than worry about the numbers, think about how you are improving your community for the readers.

4. Obsession with “The Competition”

Too often, we look at other bloggers as competitors. To a certain extent, this is somewhat true. If someone is reading another’s blog, he or she isn’t reading yours at the same moment.

However, viewing other bloggers as “the enemy” and feeling jealous about their success, or worrying about how they are “beating” you can cause problems. Instead, you need to build relationships with other bloggers. Many bloggers are happy to help each other, and you can create a network of bloggers. Few of us can succeed without support.

Instead of obsessing about the “competition,” forge friendships and join mastermind groups. Everyone benefits from these arrangements.

5. Neglect Other Aspects of Your Life

While you might enjoy blogging, you don’t want it to completely consume your life. And you certainly don’t want it to get to the point where you are no longer connected to others in your life. Your blogging will actually be better if you are well-rounded and you can bring depth to your life experience.

Make sure that you eat well, exercise, and engage in activities with people in the “real” world. Neglecting other aspects of your life can cause problems that, eventually, can lead to failure with your blog. Strive to be a little more well-rounded and you will be a better blogger.

Question: What are some other reasons that bloggers fail? Give us your feedback in the comments below…

This is a guest post by Tom Drake who runs multiple personal finance blogs and also writes about how he makes money over at Online Money and covers additional blogging tips at News for Bloggers.

4 thoughts on “5 Common Reasons Bloggers Fail”

  1. Great points Jonathan. I had not thought of #5, but it makes sense. It is definitely easy to get consumed with blogging and neglect the rest of your life.

    I was also thinking that lack of vision will cause you to fail. Without a clear (or clear enough) picture of who you are trying to reach and what they will receive from you, you can get lost. This will lead to producing content that no one cares about. Then you will get discouraged.

    Also, without vision, you won’t have what it takes to push through the obstacles to succeed. And, with every goal, you will have obstacles.

  2. Another reason. Unclear message. Some people write about everything they can and don’t have a message that is uniquely theirs that the audience can relate to. So, the audience……well, actually, WHAT audience?

  3. Number 3!! Stats Stats!! That’s me. Thanks Jonathan for the post, will definitely do something about this.

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