5 Questions Your Potential Customers Are Asking

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Do you have lots of big ideas?

Do you love to daydream about creating blogs, products, courses, videos, books or resources that people want?

How do you know if your idea is a good idea or a bad one?

The answer is to get in the heads of your readers. I don’t say that from a weird, mystical standpoint. Your success depends on you living in your reader’s shoes.

The bottom line is this: If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, you must know what they want and know how to give them what they need.

A great place to start is by asking the right questions. Many entrepreneurs/blogpreneurs often start by asking the wrong questions. It is not so much about the money and the traffic. It is about over-delivering on value in an area where people need the most help and encouragement.

5 Questions Your Potential Customers Are Asking

1. Will it save me time?

Does your idea, course, book help others with saving time? The biggest challenge of our era is managing time. No matter what course or product you create, you will often need to address this issue. Can you help your audience take legitimate shortcuts? Can you help them get further faster? Then you might have a solid idea.

2. Does this solve my problem?

All great ideas either solve a problem or satisfy a desire. Test it out for yourself. Why is this a truth? Because all of us are either motivated by pain or pleasure. Does your idea solve a circumstance?

3. Will it give me a story to tell?

We love to share stories. We want others to know about cool products, courses, or books that are changing our lives. If your idea gives them a story to tell, you are golden.

4. Will it make my life easier?

We want simple. We crave simple. Your customers are asking for the essential. Get rid of the fluff. You can make a good living online by learning for your customers and teaching them only what is essential. They will thank you for it.

5. Will it take me from where I am to where I want to be?

How can you be Moses to your audience? What they want is on the other side of the river. Your audience is looking to you to help, assist, empower, and encourage them to get to the other side. Are you wiling to accept the call?

By asking yourself these 5 basic questions, you can begin to uncover whether or not you have a solid idea.

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