How to Turn Your Message into a 6 or 7 Figure Brand

Learn the 2 biggest constraints and the 4 concrete steps

7 figure brand

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What’s holding you back today from building a 6- or 7-figure brand? We live in the most amazing time in all of human history. Anyone anywhere at anytime can build a transformational business that helps others.

Just think about how much our world has changed in the past twenty years? If you wanted to build a 7-figure business twenty years ago, it would more than likely include a huge financial investment in TV, radio or the newspaper.

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New media today has allowed us to do many of the same things faster, better, and cheaper.

  • Direct mail (old) = email (new)
  • Networking (old) = social media (new)
  • TV (old) = YouTube (new)
  • Radio (old) = podcast (new)
  • Newspaper (old) = blogs (new)

Most, if not all, of this new media is freely available to everyone of us.

Then what’s standing in our way?

For most bloggers, writers, speakers and coaches, I believe there are two primary constraints holding you back:

Constraint #1: The Expert’s Dilemma

If you are a speaker, writer or coach and want to grow your business, what do you do? Most speakers think the answer is to book more paid speaking gigs (or raise their fee). Most coaches think the only option is to fill up more spots on the calendar (or raise their prices). Most writers think the financial windfall is in writing their next book.

But if you watch the most successful, their thinking is much different (more on this in a moment).

Constraint #2: The Fear of Missing Out

Another real constraint comes in the form of our lack of focus. Since we are unsure of ourselves and unsure of our plan, we fall prey to the next tactic, strategy or software. We think we need to be everywhere online by yesterday, and all of our energy and efforts are wasted.

If I could bottle up your time each week into a vial, which of the following two places would it have more impact?

  1. Pour the vial into a glass of water
  2. Pour the vial into the ocean

Which makes the greater impact?

Instead of falling prey to the fear of missing out, choose instead to adopt the joy of missing out. Now, that you understand the constraints, let’s talk about a few concrete steps you can take.

1. Start treating your message like a brand

What would happen if you started treating your message like a brand? Would you treat it differently? My bet is that you would. New products and services would emerge. Your vision for what you do would expand. Your need to form a team would come into play.

If your vision doesn’t require a team, your vision is not big enough.” – Michael Hyatt

2. Go deep instead of wide

If you watch the habit of the most successful writers, speakers and coaches, you will find that they go deep with their message not wide. To go wide means to just move onto the next new keynote to craft, next book to write or next course to launch, instead of creating multiple products and services around your brand.

Most NY Times best-selling authors don’t make their millions from book royalties. Their millions come from all of the products and services that are under the surface. Their millions come from online course launches, highly-paid mastermind groups, online memberships sites, events and coaching programs.

They have created what I call “a pathway of belonging.” A new customer hears you speak at an event, buys your book, then your membership site, and then your high-level coaching.

3. Focus on transformation instead of information

Have you discovered yet, that information is out there for free (if you have the time to dig it up)? Your customers don’t need information; they need transformation. Highly-paid experts focus on creating products that bring transformation and not just information.

4. Build a teaching framework others can follow

If you want to stand out from all of the rest, create a teaching framework. This is what experts like Steven Covey, Jim Collins, Donald Miller and others have done. Take your message, break it down into its simplest parts and teach it in a one or two-page framework.

Once you create your framework, and whole new world emerges. You will begin to see different products and services that exist within that framework.

BONUS: Want to launch your own blog and turn it into a business? Click Here and take our FREE 7-Day Launch Your Blog Challenge. You’ll receive a step-by-step video each day for 7 days! Get started now!

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