An Inside Look into the Blog Mentoring Program

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We are in the process of being 30 days into our blog mentoring program so I thought I would post a quick update about how things are going. Our blog mentoring program was designed to personally assist those who want to get a successful blog off the ground. The current mixture of students consists of a few that did not have a blog set-up yet to bloggers who had been blogging for a few years.

Here are some initial highlights:
Names have been left out to protect the innocent 🙂

  • 2 bloggers have finally taken action and not only have their self-hosted blog set-up, but made their first post as well
  • One blogger was able to get a very high profile blogger to comment on his blog by using a strategy we taught him.
  • Another blogger received a big boost in traffic with a technique we shared
  • Yet still, another blogger switched his theme to a better performing theme to match his niche
  • and much more!

Every blogger in the mentoring program will be receiving a 20+ minute video created by Bob and I that gives a thorough analysis of their blog. We hold nothing back! We share some insights and strategies that have worked well for us.

Special Offer

Our next scheduled class is this Tuesday Night at 9:00pm Eastern. We would love to have you join us! If you feel like you really want to make blogging a go, this is for you.

We are offering a special $50 off discount for any students that would like to join us. You will be amazed at how many hurdles you overcome in 30 days (although we think you will want to stay with us! 🙂 The discount is only good between now and Tuesday night at 9:00pm (August 9th). Go here: Blog Mentoring Discount Offer

Just watch the video below and see what you get access to by joining us for our next call.

If you do not see the video above, watch the video directly on YouTube by clicking here.