The Profitable Blog Niche List for 2019

blog niche list

What’s working right now? What’s a profitable blog niche I should consider going into? These are common questions that new bloggers often ask. Choosing your blog niche is one of the biggest challenges new bloggers face. Who wants to waste their time, energy, money, and effort on a losing niche? In a recent survey of […]

3 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Blog Business

Starting a Blog Business

The courage to just begin is a challenge for many aspiring bloggers. We don’t know what we don’t know. We fear making mistakes. We are unsure of the essential things we should know before starting a blog business. Because of this failure to start, many aspiring bloggers lose their way in a sea of information. […]

How to Use Asana and CoSchedule to Create an Awesome Editorial Calendar

editorial calendar

There’s a ton of noise online today. How are you going to stand out? This is a question many aspiring influencers have. They have a message they want to get out to the world, but it stays bottled up inside of them.  If you have any hope of standing out, it comes down to two […]

3 Little-Known Secrets to Achieving Your Biggest Goals

Why is it that so few people actually reach their goals? I think if you asked the average person, they might say: We just lose motivation over time. Life gets busy and in the way. It’s easier to just stay the same, and change is hard. 3 Little-Known Secrets to Achieving Your Biggest Goals While […]