How to Become a Market Leader in Your Niche on Just 20 Minutes a Day!

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Today I want to share a simple system with you that can save you time and expand your blog authority at the same time. As a blogger you should always be looking for ways to set up systems. All successful businesses have systems that they have set up. Go to any fast food restaurant and you will see systems in action.

Let’s face it, blogging is hard work. There is no easy button to building a successful blog. That being said, there are simple systems that you can set up to make your life easier with still growing your traffic.

There are two things that I love about blogging:

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  • Low cost to get started
  • Your doors are always open


You can also use systems as a way to scale your business, authority, and influence. Below I created a video that shows you exactly how to become a market leader in your nice on just 20 minutes a day. I will also attempt to explain it in written form in this blog post as well.

2 Steps to Become a Market Leader in Your Niche on 20 Minutes a Day

There are essentially two steps that you will need to follow to set-up this awesome system. Before, I share the two steps you will need to have already created a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account. Here are the two steps:

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  • Set-up Your System
  • Daily Execute the Plan


It really is that simple. Anyone can do this no matter how many followers you have at the moment. In fact, by doing this you can increase your followers and likes.

How to Set-Up Your System

First, we are going to show you how to set-up your system. This will take you the biggest chunk of time if you are just getting started. Once everything is set-up the execution part is a breeze. Essentially, you will need 3 items to work this system:

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I suggest that you use either Google Chrome or Firefox and add the extensions to Evernote and Buffer App. I show you how to do this in the video below. The idea here is that you want to sync up Google Reader, Evernote and the Buffer App together.

The next step is to add as many RSS feeds into your Google Reader as you can. Create a folder inside Google Reader for your niche. I have a folder for “Job Search Blogs.” You can easily add new blogs by going to Blog Rank that I mentioned in the video.

Add Items to Your Google Reader


How to Daily Execute the Plan

The hardest part is setting everything up. Once everything is set-up, all I need is the discipline to daily execute the plan. Click on a specific folder in Google Reader and just scan the titles. Look for topics that grab your attention. If you read it and like it then tag it with a star. I will show you why in just a minute.

Star Items to Share in Google Reader



The last part of the execution is just 4 simple steps. Once you have scan through the latest blog posts in your niche and starred the items that you liked, you need to share them. You can do this in 4 simple steps.

1. Click on starred items – Click on the starred items section of Google Reader. You are now going to process the list much like email or even a to do list (inbox).

2. Add items to BufferApp to be shared on Twitter and Facebook – This is where the power of the system lies. BufferApp will automatically spread out your “shares” at optimal times. This way you do not flood your twitter or facebook fan page all at once. You spend 20 minutes, BufferApp makes you look like you are sharing advice 24 hours a day (I call that genius).

3. Add future blog posts ideas to Evernote to remember for later – I love Evernote and use it daily. My default folder is called INBOX. Daily I process my inbox and place the new items into other folders or add to my to do list. One of the great benefits of reading other bloggers is that they can give you great content ideas.

Remember, we are not stealing here. Do not copy and paste their content on your blog. Do not even use their same points. Just use the idea. You might have a different perspective, opinion, insight or experience.

4. Un-highlight the star so that it is removed from your list, go to the next item – the last step is that I un-highlight the star so that it removes it from my “starred” category. That way I can easily remember what I have already processed. below is a visual graphic of the process.

 (Click on image below if it is too small.)

Execute the Plan

I hope that this process is helpful to you. Below I created a video doing my best to explain everything to you in detail. If you have additional questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

Once again, if you cannot see the video below, watch How to Become a Market Leader in Your Niche on Just 20 Minutes a Day directly on YouTube.

10 thoughts on “How to Become a Market Leader in Your Niche on Just 20 Minutes a Day!”

    1. Hi Carol. I covered that a bit more in the video. It is all about having an “abundance mentality.” Sharing helps you connect with others bloggers, which in turn share your stuff. Not only that but when you are known for sharing good ideas on Twitter, people actually pay attention to your tweets. After linkedin, Twitter is my biggest referrer of referral traffic for my career coach blog. Hope that helps…

  1. Thanks for this post, Jonathan! I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but there’s a new service call It is, in a word, amazing. But it can actually combine a few of the steps you have here into one.

    For instance, I have a rule set up that whenever I star an item in Google Reader it AUTOMATICALLY goes to Buffer and Evernote. Just like that.

    Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Justin. I just read about in an Evernote blog post last week, but I have yet to experiment. I may have to now. Thanks for the share!

  2. Matthew Iacopelli

    Hey Jonathan! Great posted. In the video you mention you have an iPad app that you use to do this. What is the app?

    1. Jonathan Milligan

      Hi Matthew. There are many great apps you can use. I am currently using the free version of Feeddler RSS. Although, BufferApp does now have an iPhone app.

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