BYPU 101 on Sale and 201 Launching Soon!

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I just wanted to take a quick minute and let you know that after a lot of hard work Jonathan and I are getting ready to Launch the BYPU 201 course.

We are really excited about this course as it covers a whole lot of helpful material – most of which came from questions that you asked us!

201 Launching in Late January!

The 201 course covers everything from how to start making money with adsense, to specific techniques to get more traffic, and even some simple design lessons like how to create a logo without paying a dime.

101 is On Sale!

As you may know, the current price for BYPU 101 is $37, but for the next week you can get into the 101 course for 50% off! That is less than $20!

Just use coupon code “101sale” when checking out. 

So if you still haven’t set up your own blog yet or know someone who needs help getting started, be sure to let them know about it!

Find out more here.

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