Why I Love the Socrates Theme for Beginner Bloggers [6 Reasons]

Selecting the right blog theme is so important. Not only for a positive user experience, but also when it comes to making adjustments and customizations to your blog. Both Bob and I love using the Thesis Theme. You can read about our review of the Thesis theme. Although Thesis allows for more customizations than any other theme, there […]

How to Easily Add Professional Website Graphics to Your Blog

We all want our blogs to look professional. Most of us do not want to pay the price for a spectacular looking blog. That is completely understandable. I am a big proponent of valuing content creation over blog design. Creating lots of helpful content is what will drive traffic and create income. That being said, […]

99 Designs Review: Our Experience with Using 99 Designs

99 designs review

So as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we set out to get a logo from 99Designs.com – the crowdsourcing webdesign site. Basically the way it works is that you say what kind of logo you are looking for and a bunch of designers submit logos (over the course of 7 days) for your approval. You then get the opportunity to pick your favorite as the winner…

Getting a New Logo – Soon!

Well after spending quite a bit of time and discussion about the design and layout of BloggingYourPassion.com we finally have pulled the trigger on getting a logo designed. We opted out of using free logo design software because we wanted something a little more unique and hopefully advanced. We have decided to go with the […]