How Do I Create An LLC?

create an llc

Yesterday we looked at formalizing your blog as a business and creating an LLC seems to be a common choice for many well-established bloggers that I know. Create an LLC (the cheap way) I happened to know a lawyer who helped me through the process, but if you don’t have a $1000 ready to spend […]

How to Register a Blog as a Business

How to Register a Blog as a Business

We recently got a question from a reader who was curious about when to formally turn his blog into a business. He writes: So say I start making money via google adsense, youtube or blog. Say it becomes substantial, at what point would I create a business, DBA, etc? Let me start by saying that […]

How To Pick a Domain Name for Your Blog

pick a domain name

One of the more common questions I get from readers is how to pick a  domain name for your blog. It is a good question to ask because it is an important decision that can’t be easily changed after the decision is made. Just the other day a reader asked… Hello Bob, I  want to […]