How to Turn Your Blog Posts into a Book That Publishers Will Love

A Guest Post from Chad Allen

turn blog into book

This is a guest post from my friend Chad R. Allen. Chad is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and creativity coach. He also serves as an editorial director for Baker Publishing Group, a mid-sized indie book publisher in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Author of Do Your Art, Chad blogs regularly about writing, publishing, life, and creativity at […]

Evernote to WordPress: How to Integrate Both for Your Blog Post Writing

5 Steps to Connect Evernote with Wordpress

evernote to wordpress

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to seamlessly connect my Evernote account to my WordPress account. if you’re a blogger who loves Evernote like me, then I’d encourage you to keep reading. Here’s my latest writing workflow from the idea to the publish date using Evernote and WordPress. Step […]

My Scrivener Walkthrough on How I Published My Latest Book

7 steps to writing more with Scrivener

My Scrivener Walkthrough on How I Published My Book

What were the exact steps you took to write and publish your latest book? That was a question I recently received via email. I thought I’d demystify the process of how I wrote The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers so you can see how simple it is to write and publish a book with […]

Scrivener Review: Why Scrivener is My Favorite Tool for Writing

How to write and publish more with Scrivener

Scrivener reviews | Why I love Scrivener as a writing tool

Is it possible to have one software that can be your “go to” tool for content creation? Whether you are mapping out your next book, writing show prep notes for a podcast, creating a video script, or preparing notes for your next keynote talk, Scrivener is a popular tool among content creators. Many people have […]

Start Your Own Podcast: A Simple 7-Step Guide

start your own podcast

Do a quick search on “start your own podcast” and you’ll find many confusing diagrams. While there is no doubt some really cool equipment you can use in podcasting, you don’t need to start with an expensive studio to launch a successful podcast. Here is a simple guide to follow: Step 1. Choose your title […]

10 Ways to Amplify One Message

How Bloggers Today Make Impact and Earn Income

You’re not really open for business until you have something to sell on your site. While there are many different ways to monetize your platform, I’m going to share with you ten simple ways you can amplify any single message. In my latest book The 15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers, I break this process […]

The ONE Thing in Common with All Successful Bloggers

One of my favorite novels of all time is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Did you know that for years Charles Dickens wrote in obscurity? He spent three years writing for the Evening Chronicle for no payment. Eventually, much to the surprise of Dickens, he was approached by a young publisher who wanted to […]

3 Ways Amazon Ranks Kindle Books and How to Get More Downloads

Did you know that 40% of what Amazon collects in ebooks gets paid out to self published authors? Last year that amounted to over $212 million dollars in royalties. As we discussed in a previous post, you don’t have to wait for permission. Right now you can sit down at your computer, pour out your […]

You Don’t Have to Wait for Permission

In May of 2012, I published my first Kindle book. Every single month since then, I receive monthly royalty checks from Amazon. Whenever I’m asked: “Jonathan, what’s the fastest way to earn money online?” My response is to write and publish a Kindle book. Amazon already has millions of people searching for books to read […]