The Simple Blogging Guide to Keywords and SEO

Most bloggers I know have a love/hate relationship with keywords. We love keywords when they send us lots of traffic from the search engines. We hate keywords when it comes to doing the research to discover them. After all, we just want to hit the publish button, don’t we? While search engine traffic is not […]

How to Discover Who is Linking to Your Blog

As a blogger you probably like to know when someone has mentioned you or linked to you from their blog. There are several ways you can discover this. The incoming links on your WordPress dashboard. will display the latest incoming links to your site (if your blog is registered with them). Google Analytics will […]

6 Must Have Google Hangout Apps for Bloggers

Have you tried Google Hangouts yet to build your blogging platform? If not, you should. Connecting with people via video can be an incredibly personal experience. This is why webinars are so effective. Webinars can do what text cannot – add a human element to what you do. When we first started hosting webinars, we […]

How to Maximize BufferApp with the iPad or iPhone

I believe strongly in sharing great content produced by others. Some advise against it. Why would you want to refer people to other great blogs when you are trying to build a platform of your own? That is such a limiting mindset. An abundance mindset thinks: “Why not be the most resourceful person in your […]

Where Do You Get Background Music for Your Videos?

I recently received an email from a reader asking where we get background music for our videos. We don’t use music for every video, but we do use them on our sales pages for Blogging Your Passion University Courses. Audio jingles add an instant professionalism to your videos. In days gone by, you would have […]