How to Get Traffic, Leads and Sales from Linkedin

Use these Linkedin Message Scripts for More Engagement

how to get leads from Linkedin

Did you know that there are 106 million active Linkedin users monthly? What’s even more impressive is the fact that 40% of users use Linkedin daily.  Now, I can hear the question sounding off in your head: “Yes, but Jonathan isn’t Linkedin only useful for B2B (Business-to-Business)? Are you getting traffic from Linkedin? There’s over 106 million […]

Linkedin Groups: A Simple Marketing Strategy for Bloggers

Try these 4 Linkedin marketing tips to grow your blog

Linkedin Groups Strategy | linkedin tips, linkedin profile, linkedin marketing, linkedin for business

Are you leaving a hidden traffic source on the table? When it comes to Linkedin, many bloggers dismiss it too quickly. After all, isn’t it just a networking site for working professionals? While this is somewhat true, you might be surprised to discover that there are thriving Linkedin groups on topics such as camping, hunting, […]

The 5 Types of Blog Traffic

How to Get More Traffic Starting Today

Types of blog traffic, blogging your passion

“I want more traffic!” I think every blogger has made that statement at some point. Who doesn’t want more blog traffic? You spend precious time and energy crafting your blog posts. If only more people knew about them, right? While the purpose of this post is to share with you some of my favorite ways […]

17 Facebook Live Video Tips for Better Results

Facebook Live Video Tips for Beginners

Facebook Live Video Tips

Been on Facebook lately? Then you’ve seen it. In fact, you can’t miss seeing video after video in your Facebook news feed these days. If you are a content creator, this can be a good thing. At the time of this writing, Facebook is working very hard to promote the Facebook Live video platform. There […]

How to Build Your Online Business with the Hourglass Funnel

This simple graphic will save you time, money, and resources

Build Your Online Business

Pro Bloggers are relentless with their time. They are not perfect. Just like all of us, they fall prey to lazy, unproductive days. But more often than not, they spend what time they have wisely. In fact, I’ve observed and interviewed some of the best in the world, and I’ve found that they spend the […]

Not Again?! How to Navigate as a Blogger in a Penguin 2.0 World

“Google, you’ve went and done it again!” As it appears at the moment, Google has rolled out Penguin 2.0, which means changes have been made to their Google Algorithm. Over the last week or so I have received several emails from frustrated bloggers and site owners that have already been affected. It is a paralyzing […]

Bob’s Journey to Full-Time Blogging | Video Interview

I recently got interviewed by Jeff and Mandy at Dollars and Roses and they asked me a lot of good questions about blogging. After watching the interview, I realized that a lot of the questions I answered are ones that I frequently get, so I thought it would be a good idea to share the interview here for the BYP readers.

3 Simple Ways We Increased Our Email List by 843%

I love to experiement. As a blogger, you should never lose the joy of trying new things. Sure there needs to be a balance. If something is working for you, don’t go and ruin it. Still, I think we often fell into the trap of: “Doing the same old thing and expecting a different result.” […]

Guest Posting: The 10 Amazing Benefits of Writing for Others

guest posting

One of the most often asked questions we receive is “What is the fastest way to get traffic to my blog?” Guest posting is usually are first reply. Most new bloggers start off my posting a link to their new blog post on Facebook. It’s certainly not a bad idea at all, but still, most […]