How I Wrote My First Kindle Book in 30 Days

Get inspired, crush procrastination, and get that book written

How I wrote my first Kindle book in 30 days

Do you want to write a book? Last time I asked that question to my email list, over 88% of people said yes. Yet, research suggests that 97% of writers never finish writing their book! If you have written and published a book, you are in a rare 3% of all writers. Back in 2011, I was in […]

My 4-Step Kindle Book Revenue Engine

How to Earn Multiple Streams of Revenue from Your Next Self-Published Book

creative ways to make money with amazon kindle book

“I’m giving away my new book for free for the first 5 days.” These were the exact words I told me wife earlier this year. Her look was one of doubt and confusion. “Why would you do that? You’ve been working so hard on this book to turn around and just give it away?” At […]

One Weekend. Create 7 Income Streams. The Amplify Workshop

What if I told you there was a faster, smarter, and better way to get your message out to the masses in half the time? For many bloggers, authors, speakers, and content creators, it’s hard to see the big picture. We often get locked into the “one thing” we think will catapult our message to […]

How to Monetize Any Podcast with John Lee Dumas

Is it really possible to have a sustainable business model with a podcast? Do advertisers and sponsors see the value in podcasting? I recently had the opportunity to connect with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire. Even if you are only an occasional listener of podcasts, you have probably heard of him. John’s Entrepreneur […]

4 of My Favorite Tools for Creating Online Courses

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, creating your own products can be one of the most powerful ways to build your platform. But how do you create awesome online courses if you aren’t technology savvy? I’ve been creating online courses since 2009. I’ve used both low-tech and high-tech methods and I want to share […]

The Only 2 Essentials to Building a Profitable Blog

Facebook likes, Twitter re-tweets, Pinterest pins, unique visitors in Google Analytics…when does the madness end? As a passion blogger you can get lost in a lot of data. We can easily base success or failure on how many fans we have on Facebook or how many followers we have on Twitter. While those can be […]