4 Questions You Must Answer to Sell Products on Your Blog

“Where do I start when it comes to selling my own products on my blog?” One of the best ways to make a consistent stream of income blogging is by creating your own products. You have knowledge, expertise, and insights that others will gladly pay for. When I started blogging in 2009, one of the […]

[Live Webinar] 3 Simple Things You Can Do to Increase Adsense Earnings

[sws_divider_basic]We are way overdue for hosting a Live Webinar! You’ve told us in the past how much you have enjoyed our webinars. So, in celebration of the recent launch of our Blogging Your Passion University 301 Course, we are selecting on of our course topics to present live for you! 3 Simple Things You Can […]

5 Reasons You Should Write an Amazon Kindle Book

5 Reasons You Should Write an Amazon Kindle Book

More Kindle books are sold than traditional paperback/hardback books on Amazon. Let that sink in for a moment…   In May of 2012, I published my first Amazon Kindle book. I haven’t touched it since and yet I continue to earn royalty payments from Amazon every single month. My wife was so curious, she decided […]

Bob’s Journey to Full-Time Blogging | Video Interview

I recently got interviewed by Jeff and Mandy at Dollars and Roses and they asked me a lot of good questions about blogging. After watching the interview, I realized that a lot of the questions I answered are ones that I frequently get, so I thought it would be a good idea to share the interview here for the BYP readers.