How to Hire on Upwork and Build Your Dream Team

The Ultimate Outsourcing Checklist for Upwork

How to hire on upwork

“You are the biggest bottleneck in your business.” When I first heard those words, I was taken aback. As the founder, after all, I want my online business to succeed more than anyone else. Yet, after I digested that statement, I knew it was true. You are the biggest bottleneck in your business. Click To […]

3 Systems Every Pro Blogger Needs

My favorite show on television is The Profit on MSNBC. It’s a business-related reality show about struggling businesses in need of a turn-around. A successful businessman named Marcus Lemonis meets with struggling business owners to find out where they are failing. If he sees potential in the business, Marcus will offer working capital into the […]

The Busy Blogger’s Guide to Outsourcing in 5 Easy Steps

In the Summer of 2013, I knew I needed to change. I had once again taken on too many responsibilities. I had aspirations for many things and new ideas seemed to be always knocking at my door. I knew I needed to hire help, but I hesitated. My last experience of hiring a virtual assistant […]

4 Ways I’m Using to Get More Done as a Blogger

“I just can’t get to everything I need to do!?” I’m sure you have felt that a time or two in your blogging journey. I know I have more than I care to admit. Outsource. Outsource. Outsource. This is the conventional wisdom of the day. It is great advice, but have a plan before you […]

99 Designs Review: Our Experience with Using 99 Designs

99 designs review

So as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we set out to get a logo from – the crowdsourcing webdesign site. Basically the way it works is that you say what kind of logo you are looking for and a bunch of designers submit logos (over the course of 7 days) for your approval. You then get the opportunity to pick your favorite as the winner…

Getting a New Logo – Soon!

Well after spending quite a bit of time and discussion about the design and layout of we finally have pulled the trigger on getting a logo designed. We opted out of using free logo design software because we wanted something a little more unique and hopefully advanced. We have decided to go with the […]