How to Turn a Skill into a Full-Time Blogging Lifestyle Business with Dan Faggella

How to turn your skill into a full-time blogging lifestyle business

Dan Faggella once ran a physical martial arts gym, and when the roof collapsed from a big storm, he ended up quickly needing to build an online income stream. He used email and JV marketing to build a loyal audience of over 20,000 subscribers in just about 1 year.   Now, that business does 40-45k […]

24 Lessons Learned from the Podcast Movement Conference

Podcast Movement Conference

Last month I attended an amazing new conference called the Podcast Movement. A friend of mine Jared Easley (along with 3 other friends) was a part of launching this brand new conference for podcasters. I originally chose to attend because I wanted to support Jared’s dream, but I was blown away by the content and […]

Kary Oberbrunner Reviews | The 9 Step Plan from Day Job to Dream Job

Kary Oberbrunner reviews | Day Job to Dream Job

Is it possible to make the leap from your day job to your dream job? Is there a clearly defined plan you can follow to do so? I wanted to seek out these answers in a recent interview with Kary Oberbrunner. Kary left his day job to pursue his dream job — Igniting Souls. Through his […]

How to Turn Your Blog into a Great Book Concept with Chad Allen [Podcast]

Chad Allen

How do I take my blog and turn it into a great book concept? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chad Allen and ask that very question. Chad is the Editorial Director for Baker Books and has personally worked with hundreds of authors over the past 15 years. He has the keen […]

How to Monetize Any Podcast with John Lee Dumas

Is it really possible to have a sustainable business model with a podcast? Do advertisers and sponsors see the value in podcasting? I recently had the opportunity to connect with John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire. Even if you are only an occasional listener of podcasts, you have probably heard of him. John’s Entrepreneur […]

How to Get Your Blog Noticed with Marlee Ward [Podcast]

How do you get your blog noticed when it seems so noisy out there? Today, I had the privilege to interview Marlee Ward of Radical Entrepreneurship. Let me just say she is one smart lady. Every conversation I have with her I walk away with practical tips I can start implementing immediately into my business. […]

The Single Dumbest Mistake I’ve Made in Podcasting

In September 2012, I decided to take the plunge into podcasting. My topic was based on my blog name at the time, Simple Life Habits. I wanted to see if there was an audience in podcasting for my message of self productivity, life habits, and time management. What happened surprised me. Within the first 90 […]

How to Interview Successful People on Your Podcast with Jared Easley

What is the best way to network with other successful people? They seem so busy. Who are we to get them to take notice of us? How do we build a relationship with them without feeling like we have to “sell” ourselves? Have you wrestled with any of those thoughts? I know I have. Whether […]