How to Easily Manage an Editorial Calendar with Garrett Moon [Podcast]

Blogging consistently is hard work. Every blog begins as a side hustle project. You have a passion for your topic. You envision helping thousands of people. You get excited about the idea of earning a living doing what you enjoy. Then comes the hard work. Finding time to blog, knowing what to write ahead of […]

The Hidden Challenges of Pursuing Self Employment with Kevin Miller [Podcast]

“My ultimate dream is to work from home.” “I want to be my own boss and work when and where I want.” “I want the freedom to choose what I work on everyday.” If you have ever thought or expressed the above statements, then this podcast is especially for you. I recently had an opportunity […]

3 Questions to Ask Before You Write That Blog Post [Podcast]

If you haven’t noticed, content is everywhere. How do you get your blog noticed in the midst of the massive content ocean we are all swimming in? I think it starts by asking yourself a few simple questions before you start the writing process. 3 Questions to Ask Before You Write That Blog Post [Podcast] […]

4 Ways to Stand Shoulder to Shoulder With Your Audience [Podcast]

How do you really connect with your audience? I believe it happens when you begin to stand shoulder to shoulder with your audience. Do you remember the old Home Improvement sitcom on television? The one where Tim “the toolman” Taylor always seemed to be getting into trouble. Tim often found himself standing near his backyard […]

How to Systematize Your Blog for Success [Podcast]

Do you constantly feel scattered in your blogging? Are you frustrated by the fact that things are being left undone? Do you often skip steps or forget how to do certain tasks for your blog? Developing simple checklists and systems for your blog just might be the answer. About 6 months ago, I began to […]

How to Do What You Love and Let Go of the Rest with Nick Loper [Podcast]

What if you could spend the majority of your work day doing what you love? What if you could delegate the things you don’t enjoy? When is the right time to hire someone to help you grow your online business? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Loper from and […]

How to Blog Your Way to a Bestselling Book with Chad Allen [Podcast]

Can you really blog a book? How do you blog your way to a bestselling book? What are the exact steps to publishing a book the traditional way? I recently had the opportunity to have a conversation with Chad Allen. Chad is a writer, speaker, author, and currently the Editorial Director for Baker Books. He […]

How to Repurpose Your Content for More Traffic with Rebecca Livermore [Podcast]

How can you go further faster with your blog? One way is to learn how to repurpose the content you already have. A few questions you can ask yourself: Which previously published blog posts would make great podcast episodes? Are there podcast episodes that would make for a great video for YouTube? Which previously published […]