How to Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs in One Dashboard

If you are like most bloggers these days, you have several interests and passions. Although when just starting out, it is recommended that you stick with one blog and put all your effort into getting it off the ground. Still, as easy as it is to set up multiple blogs, you may eventually find yourself […]

How to Change Your WordPress Theme

One of the great benefits of using WordPress is that anyone can quickly change the look and feel of your site. Days gone by, a new website design would put you out a few thousand dollars. It required manpower to take your content and plug it into the new design. It was painstaking work. With […]

Create SEO-Friendly URLs with WordPress

Hey all, here is a simple and quick step that everyone with a WordPress blog should do to create SEO-friendly URLs. The video is about 2 minutes long and you can read the transcription below as well.   SEO-Friendly URLs with WordPress Video Transcribed Today this is extremely important and this is something¬†that especially newer […]