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What Are the Major Challenges of Blogging?

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What are the major challenges of blogging? Over a year ago I started a group called Blogging Your Passion on a popular social networking site. I started sharing many of the tools and tips about blogging that I had learned over the past few years.

Still, I felt like there was some type of disconnect. So, I decided to offer free blog consultations for a whole month so that I could speak 1-on-1 with bloggers. I really wanted to understand and see what their biggest challenges were with blogging. I had each blogger fill out a detailed survey that surrounded specific questions related to blogging.

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I want to share my questions and their responses with you. See if you can identify with some of these challenges:

1. What do you believe is the greatest challenge that you currently face with your blog?


  • The biggest challenge is getting started. Picking a topic and going for it.
  • How to monetize it!
  • I’m concerned about the time factor of maintaining a blog.
  • I am not sure what the focus should be.
  • A healthy sales funnel.  Going from reading to hiring me.
  • Just getting more active followers. I get comments on all the blogs but I haven’t increased those following it.
  • What do I blog about!!
  • I know I don’t blog enough which is probably an issue.   My other blog just doesn’t have any readers so I’d like to figure out how to promote more.
  • Driving traffic to the blog
  • I know next to nothing about blogging: How to get started? Where to get set up?
  • Coming up with subject ideas about which to write.
  • Doing it on a regular basis and monetizing it.
  • creating traffic to my sites, and honing my passion more

Can you identify with some of the challenges above? I think many bloggers have these nagging questions in the back of their mind and they really stop them from “going for it.” Here is another question that I asked:

2. What factors are holding you back from having everything that you want?


  • Being disciplined.  Structuring my time on the Net better.  Having a better plan.
  • Fear and laziness!
  • Me trying to get all the information together.
  • Coming up with fresh new content
  • Focus
  • Knowledge and time
  • Knowledge about getting a website going and then driving traffic to that site.
  • Confidence to take action.
  • Lack of skill and expertise.
  • I become distracted with just trying to make it daily and lose my enthusiasm. Fear can be crippling some days.
  • Trying to balance family and starting this business.
  • Fear 🙂
  • Lack of knowledge.
  • Never enough hours in the day.

Wow! Those answers are pretty heavy. If you have some of those same roadblocks, then think for a minute of what it would feel like to have that major constraint completely eliminated. What would you do if you knew it was impossible to fail with your blog? That is a big question to digest. One more question to share with you:

3. What are your most important goals for the next six months?


  • Building Traffic
  • Creating Consistent Content
  • Better Monetization on Site
  • Creating Products (eBook, Membership Site)
  • Starting a podcast
  • Managing my time better
  • Just going for it!

As you can see getting going in blogging can be overwhelming for most people. The learning curve can definitely be a challenge and then when you finally start taking action you doubt as to whether or not you are doing things right.

Our desire for starting this blog is to help bloggers overcome these challenges. Both Bob and I are enjoying the rewards of taking the right action and overcoming these challenges. We have identified 5 major constraints that bloggers face.


If you blog, what are some of the major challenges that you face?

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8 thoughts on “What Are the Major Challenges of Blogging?”

  1. I’ve enjoyed developing a devotional blog over the past several months…on a good day I will have 50 or so reads…but I still do not understand the basics, like what is an RSS and how does it work, what are tags and widgets? I am also wondering how to learn how to design my own sites vs. using templates.

    1. Hi Pam. Great job! Looks like you are well on your way. It is important to understand the basics as it will give you a foundation and a confidence for the days ahead. We plan on sharing much more content to answer questions like this either by way of a blog post or in our webinar series where we cover all of the basics over a 5 week bootcamp. Thanks!

  2. I am an Internet Marketing Professional and from few years i continued my jobs. But now a day i feel that its not enough for me, need to do something according to my mind and for that i started blogging on the subject of Literature cause i was the student of English Literature and i like literature a lot. i read your total blog that makes my concept clear about Blogging which will help me to fulfill my aimed being a successful Blogger.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a great posting.

  3. I want to thank you guys for all your hard work. I have enjoyed the encouragement as well as the “How To ” posts. I really didn’t think that I would be able to do this because of my lack of computer experience. Yes, there were times I became frustrated but the Lord is faithful. He put a burden on my heart to start a Christian teacher’s blog. My site is Here teachers have access to free printable lessons, bulletin boards, and informative blogs about keeping Christ in the center of all we do. Any suggestions for improvement would be welcomed. Thanks again and God bless you!

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