Choosing the Right Domain Name When Rebranding Your Blog

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Ever have that sinking feeling like you might be headed in the wrong direction? I’ve had that feeling for over 9 months.

If I was truthful with myself, it has been longer than that. A few weeks ago I took the plunge, and decided to convert into

To get behind the scenes on this experiment, read 4 Steps to Take When You Lose Your Passion. In the last post, I promised to share with you the good, bad, and ugly with this whole process. I often learn best from the experiments of others. My hope is that if you feel the need to rebrand your blog and adjust your focus, this might help you.

Choosing a New Domain Name

First of all, I would change the domain name as a last resort when you go through the process of rebranding. I had no choice since CPACareerCoach appeared to be branded to just accountants. I even brainstormed if it was possible to make “CPA” stand for something else, but this just became confusing.

I then began the agonizing process of thinking up a clever domain name. I learned from Corbett Barr over at Think Traffic that in order to stand out you should ideally want your business to answer in the affirmative these 3 questions:

1. Does it differentiate me from the competition?
2. Does it make an emotional connection?
3. Does it help build a brand that ignites passions in others?

I feel strongly that the answer was yes to all three for Blogging Your Passion, but not so for my career coaching blog. I began to explore other possible domain names. A few I considered that were available were:

Still, I felt like I was missing something. In some ways, I felt confined by some of the above domains. I wanted the freedom to be able to explore a few different passions while staying under the same umbrella. For example, while I love helping career professionals build a powerful personal brand online, it isn’t the only thing I wanted my site to be about.

I also have a passion for personal productivity and enjoy helping people get more done with their work and accomplish their goals sooner. I needed a larger umbrella over my blog.

Deciding to Build a Personal Brand

Jonathan Milligan banner 550x91


After brainstorming on a whiteboard, it became clear to me that building my personal brand might be the better way for me to go. Since I bought back in 2009 for safe keeping, it had some advantages to it. For one, it was an aged domain, which is ideal in most cases. Second, it was already a Google Page Rank 3, which is a plus as well.

Probably the main reason for going with my name is the ability to build different brands under my name. I have a little bit more flexibility when it comes to product ideas and service offerings.

Building a Tagline That Instantly Connects

The challenge I am facing now is to build a tagline on the site that really connects instantly with new visitors. While I have one up on my new site, it is not where I will end up. I want my tagline to answer the 3 questions above since I am moving forward with my personal name as the domain name.

In the next post, I will share with you my personal checklist for re-branding a blog so that you don’t loose rankings and existing traffic.


Question: What things did you consider when choosing your domain name? Please comment below.