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I have been asked by a few different readers if there are any good Christian advertising networks out there.  Most Christian-oriented sites quickly realize that they probably won’t make much money with Adsense. Additionally it can be difficult weeding out all the ads that don’t fit with your particular denomination, or with Christianity in general.

While there are a lot of ways to make money with a blog I wanted to focus on a few Christian Ad networks out there that can help you make some money while filling your ad spots with ads you feel comfortable with.

Here are 4 networks to check out…

Do you know of any other Christian Ad networks that you like or recommend?

Added on 08-15-11:

I just got this in an email from a reader: “I really appreciate your help in directing me towards some Christian ad agencies. I am signed up with FaithAdNet and should be signed up with Godclick shortly. I also found ppc.intellichristian  and am trying them, but they are small but it is the only ppc network out there that I have found active for Christians.  I am also on Beacon but they seem to be a broker service more than they have advertisers.  Both FaithAdNet and Godclick are paying me $2.00 CPM so I am satisfied. Better than I was making with adsense.”

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  2. Sofía Santucho

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  3. Sofía Santucho

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  4. Der, I goto [Christian Ad] and I get psychic readings offered? Don’t think that’s my cuppa tea or tea leaves, unless I want the demonic in my life.

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