Come Join the New Google+ Blogging Your Passion Community

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I have been using Google+ at a distance since the beginning. I wasn’t overly convinced at first that it was going to be a game changer. However, if there is one thing Google does well it is in rolling out new products and ideas. The new Google+ Communities are a game changer in my opinion.

I want to invite you to come try it out by joining our brand new Blogging Your Passion Community. We just opened the doors yesterday and we’ve already seen a great response. It is a great way to connect with other bloggers on the same journey as you. In a recent post, I talked about the danger of blogging in isolation and the need for surrounding yourself with other passionate people.  If you are tired of going at it all alone, here is a great first step for you: Join Blogging Your Passion’s Google+ Commnity


A Few Reasons to Join the BYP Google+ Community

While I am sure more ideas will evolve as we move forward, here are some initial plans that we have for our Google+ Community.

1. Network with other passionate bloggers on the same journey. It think I made my point here a bit earlier, but it is still worth re-stating.

2. A channel for guest posting. Many of you struggle with both finding places to guest posts and receiving free content from others that want to guest post. We have a category for you to do just that.

3. Place to share blogging tips. I have plans to add a daily blogging tip as well as allow others to add their tips to the community.

4. Blogging hangouts with Bob and Jonathan. We may also hold occasional hangouts where you can grab a cup of coffee and come hangout with us and learn about blogging!

5. New cool features along the way. I’ve heard that Google has more features they plan to roll out soon. We plan on experimenting with different ideas as we go along.

Come join us: Join Blogging Your Passion’s Google+ Commnity


5 thoughts on “Come Join the New Google+ Blogging Your Passion Community”

    1. Jonathan Milligan

      I feel the same way. However, I know at some point Google will mix in social signals into the search algorithm (if they haven’t already). The added feature to be able to connect with others that share the same passion in either a public or private community is intriguing to me.

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