4 Essential Questions to Building a Blog Platform [Podcast]

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I have 4 essential questions to offer you today. How you answer these questions is vital to the success of your blog.

All of the best blogs have nailed the answers to these questions. If you feel discouraged by the lack of progress your blog is making, you just might be failing in one of these 4 core areas.

Take some time to listen to the podcast and then answer the 4 questions below for yourself.

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1. Who do you want to help?

Who are the people you most want to help with your blog? What are their challenges? What struggles do they face? Where do they hang out online? You must get clear about the “active seeker” whom you can help.

2. How do you help others?

What is your core message? Where can you add the most value? What answers and solutions can you give that can change the lives of others? Blogging is so much bigger than you. It is about helping others and adding value to their lives. Bloggers often give way more than they receive.

3. How do people find out about you?

If you build it, they will come doesn’t exist in the blogging world. Congratulations, you have a blog. Now what? Ever have that feeling? You need to have multiple ways that people can find you. “Be everywhere” is more important than ever. If you are overwhelmed by this thought, then listen to the podcast for some time saving ideas.

4. How can you build a community with those you want to help?

This was an area I sorely neglected with my career coaching blog. While I was doing all the right things to gain search traffic and write highly targeted SEO articles, I had no strategy for how to build a community.

Being able to keep people around is critically important to the success of your blog. Otherwise, you are dependent on Google to keep sending more people. I am taking some drastic steps in my business to try to improve in this area.

Building a community here at Blogging Your Passion was very important to us right from the beginning. You can build a community by holding free webinars, encouraging and participating in blog comments, hosting Google Hangouts, and so much more.

Question: Which one of the above questions do you struggle with the most on your blog?

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