4 Ways I’m Using FancyHands.com to Get More Done as a Blogger

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“I just can’t get to everything I need to do!?”

I’m sure you have felt that a time or two in your blogging journey. I know I have more than I care to admit.

Outsource. Outsource. Outsource.

This is the conventional wisdom of the day. It is great advice, but have a plan before you jump in the deep end. When I hired my first VA back in 2010, I didn’t have a plan.

I ended up wasting a lot of time because I had no processes documented. I also hired a VA with no real blogging experience. Last year, I decided to do things differently.

  • I hired a US based VA who understood blogging (someone who is even better than me in some ways at it!)
  • I used Sweet Process to document all of my blogging procedures so she knew what to do.
  • I shared my Nozbe task manager with my VA so I could share tasks.

Besides my VA (who is a Superstar), I also use a service called Fancy Hands to help me get more done. Fancy Hands gives you a whole team of US-based assistants ready to get work done for you. I’ve been using this service since last year and love it.

You pay a flat monthly fee which gives you a certain number of tasks for the month. The tasks do roll over which is a nice added benefit. While there are many personal tasks I outsource to them, I want to share with you just 4 practical ways I use Fancy Hands to help me blog.

1. Perform research for blog posts

The assistants at Fancy Hands are great at performing internet research. Give them the topic of your next blog post and let them do the leg work. They will bring you stories, facts, quotes, and ideas to enhance your blog post.

2. Set-up appointments to connect with other bloggers

Fancy Hands will also help set appointments for you. If you connect your Google calendar, they will look for your availability and schedule your appointments for you.

3. Help in solving technical issues you are facing

Struggling with something technical? Stop wasting time researching the solution yourself. Give the task to Fancy Hands and let them give you a few solutions to your problem.

4. Proofread and clean up blog posts

Because of the fast turn around, you can also send them your latest blog post to proofread. This blog post was turned around in just 15 minutes! Have a bigger book project? Divide it up into smaller sections and send it over to Fancy Hands. You can have a whole team of proofreaders at your disposal.

How do you outsource your blogging tasks?

5 thoughts on “4 Ways I’m Using FancyHands.com to Get More Done as a Blogger”

  1. i cancelled my fancy hands account as i wanted a dedicated VA but i do miss them! They really do know their stuff. i think i’ll go back now after reading this 🙂

    1. I’ve had great success so far. I have yet to have a task abandoned and not completed. I use them all the time. I really like the iphone app. You can record a request via voice and send it off. You then get a notification with your answer. I was in Dallas last week and while driving wanted to attend the George Bush Museum. I recorded my request about the hours of operation and got an answer in less than 5 minutes. Pretty cool!

  2. First, your link is dead.

    Second, if you have nothing more than a basic topic idea for a post – do you have an example of how you’d word your task request to have fancy hands research and flesh out that topic idea for you?

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