3 Screen Capture Software Apps You Can Use

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I was recently having a discussion with a few members from our Blogging Webinar Series about screen capture. If you do not know what screen capture is it basically gives you the ability to take pictures of your computer screen. You can also record video as well. This can be very helpful when wanting to display a pic on your blog or record a short video. Let me share with you where you can get a free screen capture software download.


My favorite screen capturing software is Jing. It is a simple free software that was created by the makers of Camtasia (a more expensive, fully-featured screen capture software). Jing is a free software download and it places a little sun icon on your desktop so that you are ready to take a pic or record a video at anytime. You only have a 5 minute recording time, but there are many ways you can use this to your advantage. I used Jing to record my entire 18-week job search membership site. All I did is keep each video that I recorded to under 5 minutes. It is an awesome free way to record videos.

Also, if you follow along with us on Facebook, I publish daily blog tip videos that are less than 2 minutes in length. I use Jing, upload to YouTube and then publish on Facebook. It is a great way to have something unique for our Facebook Fan page members and get exposure on YouTube.


Thanks to Judi Graff for introducing me to this nifty website. Judi is one of our Webinar Attendees and she shared this with the other members in our private facebook group. Screenr.com is a screen capture software that easily works on your computer without you having to download a software. They will also host your videos on their site as well (which is really cool). Once you publish a video you can upload it to YouTube, or use the embed code for posting to your blog. Pretty nifty.


Now this is the big daddy screen capture software. It does run a bit pricey, but once you buy it, it is all yours. Your recorded videos can be as long as you want and you have lots of editing power to play with. It is made by TechSmith who also created the Jing application. There are many more screen capture software tools I could share with you, but these are among my favorites.

What Screen Capturing Tool Do You Use for Your Blog?

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