Get Started

So you want to get started blogging but don’t know how to get started?

Well, we have a deal for you. If you use our affiliate links for our recommended hosting companies and registrars when purchasing your domain name and hosting, we will get your self-hosted blog setup and install WordPress for you – for FREE – even if you already purchased your domain name.

To get started just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Go purchase your domain name from (using this link). It should cost about $10/year.


Step 2

Go sign up for a hosting package at (using this link). When the HostGator homepage loads click the button labeled “View Webhosting Plans” as seen below.

cheap hosting with hostgator

Next, you can select a hosting package. If you are just starting out the Hatchling package should be fine. You can save more money by signing up for a longer term.

hosting with hostgator

Now if you have already purchased your domain name you can enter it like seen below…

domains at hostgator

Now just continue to follow the steps to create your account and make your first payment to Hostgator.


Step 3

Once you have signed up and paid for your hosting package, just fill out this form below.

    Your Name

    Your Email

    Domain Name to Set Up

    Any Other Details?

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    Step 4

    Sit back and relax. We will take it from here.

    We should be able to get your blog setup within 2 business days. We will then email you with your username and PW – each of which you can immediately change.

    Please keep in mind that we are only helping you get your blog set up so you can start posting. We can’t help with layout, design, or formatting tweaks.