Getting a New Logo – Soon!

In a Hurry? Click Here to Download the PDF Version

Well after spending quite a bit of time and discussion about the design and layout of we finally have pulled the trigger on getting a logo designed. We opted out of using free logo design software because we wanted something a little more unique and hopefully advanced.

We have decided to go with the crowdsourcing design site called Basically the way it works is you answer a few questions about what type and style of a logo you are looking for and then the 65,000 or so designers are notified about the project. Next the designers who are interested submit logos and you pick your favorite one.

It costs a mininmum of $295 for a logo and the contest is open for 7 days.

This is the first time I have personally tried a site like this and I am very curious to see what kind of results we get!  But if you are interested in tracking along with us you can watch the submissions come in here. And we welcome your opinions about the designs as well!

So keep an eye out for some major visual changes over the few weeks as we try to dress the place up a little bit!


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