Getting Traffic from Pinterest with Court Tuttle

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How can you gain traffic on Pinterest as a blogger? In this podcast episode, Bob interviews Court Tuttle from They have a great discussion as to why bloggers need to take a second look at Pinterest.

You will also learn:

  • What every blogger can do to make their blog Pinterest-friendly
  • 2 example posts on how to get your content to go viral on Pinterest
  • The best location to get the most pins for your blog post
  • How to get the “pin it” graphic to show on your images
  • Why you should network with others on Pinterest

What makes Pinterest so powerful for a blogger?

As Court mentions in the podcast. Pinterest is really 3 things:

  1. It is a social network – You can view anything your friends pin
  2. It is a social bookmarking site – Many users use Pinterest to bookmark the stuff they want to get access to later
  3. It is a search engine – Pinterest also serves as a search engine as well.


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Question: How have you been able to gain traffic using Pinterest?


6 thoughts on “Getting Traffic from Pinterest with Court Tuttle”

  1. Michael Ippersiel

    Hey Jonathan – not sure if this is an android specific issue but I can’t listen to the podcast because the pinterest pin it button is super-imposed over the play button. If I press play or click on the download like I get asked to login to pinterest rather than hear the content. Would love to listen to this episode… thanks

    1. Michael – I have an Android phone. I listen to all of my podcasts, including this one, via a free app called Beyond Pod. I hear Stitcher is another great app for podcasting, although I haven’t tried that one myself yet.

  2. This episode REALLY helped me out and shed some light for me. I’ve dabbled with Pinterest just a little bit, but didn’t realize the full potential I could be getting from it. I had no idea people “pinned” pictures as a way of bookmarking posts for later use. The “Pinterest Pin It Button for Images” plugin is awesome!! I was having trouble with my generic Pinterest sharing buttons always choosing the wrong images to pin. This strategy might even help me drive traffic to some of my niche sites as well – not to mention the links that these pins create! Thanks for another awesome episode.

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