Getting Traffic from Pinterest with Court Tuttle

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How can you gain traffic on Pinterest as a blogger? In this podcast episode, Bob interviews Court Tuttle from They have a great discussion as to why bloggers need to take a second look at Pinterest.

You will also learn:

  • What every blogger can do to make their blog Pinterest-friendly
  • 2 example posts on how to get your content to go viral on Pinterest
  • The best location to get the most pins for your blog post
  • How to get the “pin it” graphic to show on your images
  • Why you should network with others on Pinterest

What makes Pinterest so powerful for a blogger?

As Court mentions in the podcast. Pinterest is really 3 things:

  1. It is a social network – You can view anything your friends pin
  2. It is a social bookmarking site – Many users use Pinterest to bookmark the stuff they want to get access to later
  3. It is a search engine – Pinterest also serves as a search engine as well.


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