Google Experimenting with Adding Images to Text Ads?

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For years many people have known that images drastically improve the CTR (click through rate) for text ads.  This is probably the main reason ad networks like Chitika have been so successful.

But for some reason Google has just refused to include images along side their text ad units – until now?

A few weeks ago I remember seeing them experiment with adding big arrows in the ad units like this:

Adsense unit with arrows alongside text ad units

Adsense unit with arrows alongside text ad units


My assumption would be that this would really help CTRs, but just today when working on one of my sites I noticed the unthinkable – an image right alongside my 728×90 Adsense text ad unit.

So I took a screenshot and here is what it looks like:

adsense ad with image next to text ad unit

Adsense ad with image next to text ad unit


So, I don’t know if this is a little Beta test for them or if they are rolling it out full-blast, but either way I expect it to be very good for publishers. Time will tell.

Have you seen any text ad units with images on your sites?

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