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As early as 2011, I began a quest. My quest was to create a clear, concise roadmap anyone could follow to become a full-time blogger. I was tired of seeing and hearing all of the hype about getting rich with online businesses. There was no shortage of pictures of so-called “gurus” leaning against their Lamborghinis with the mansion in the backdrop.

I’m not even interested in buying a Lamborghini.

If you are like me, you just want to do what you love, make a difference in the lives of others, control your own schedule and work from home. Is that too much to ask? Was it really that farfetched of an idea? As you will see in the pages ahead, it’s more possible today than ever before to live the life of your dreams.


More and more people are trading the cubicle for the portable office and the suit and tie for the T-shirt and jeans. Today you can create a portable, lifestyle business that over time can become something great. It might not happen overnight, but it is definitely possible if you have a roadmap.

The Blogging Success Pyramid

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to personally get to know many full-time bloggers over the past few years. I’ve studied their craft and observed where they spend their time. I’ve asked detailed questions to learn more about how they focus, what they avoid, and what they value. I’ve worked hard to synthesize everything I’ve learned into fifteen success traits you can incorporate into your online business.

Since this has been a three-year project in the making, I’ve changed, tweaked, and adjusted this framework until I was able to get it just right. You’re seeing the result of three years of work and research as you read the pages ahead.

I’ve even incorporated the lessons I’ve learned into my own online business over time. These principles work, if you work them. I’m living proof. I’ve successfully built the bridge from my day job to my dream job.

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There’s No Need to Take a Leap

What I love about the success traits you are about to learn is all of these can be built in the margins of your life. Your online business can be your “side hustle” while you still have a day job. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes. Will you have to carve out extra time to build your online business? Yes. But it can be done.

Here are a few reasons a blogging business can be the perfect side hustle:

• Your blog is open 24/7 even when you are doing something else
• You can earn income on your blog while you are doing something else
• You can respond to e-mail and customers on your own time

The bottom line is that a blogging business allows you to build a bridge to your dream job so no leap is required or necessary.

The 4 Main Tiers of the Blogging Success Pyramid

I’ve divided the fifteen success traits into four main tiers. Each tier of the success pyramid builds upon the next. The bottom tier is the solid foundation that all Pro Bloggers have built in order to be successful. Let’s take a brief look at each of the four tiers.

The Mindset of Pro Bloggers (Chapters 3-8)

What often separates the successful from the unsuccessful is their mindset. Pro Bloggers think differently. In fact, if any of them were to start over from scratch, they would reach success much faster the second time around. Why is that? Is it their talent? Is it some secret traffic loophole they are hiding from the rest of us? Nope. They have the right mindset. As you will learn in the pages ahead, your actions follow your thoughts. Change your thoughts—change your actions.

This bottom tier is called “the inner game of blogging.” I gave it that name because there is a game going on inside your head. Steven Pressfield aptly called it resistance. The inner game going on between your own two ears is what’s keeping you from fully going for it. Pro Bloggers understand and value the importance of resilience, confidence, passion, patience, and consistency.

The Habits of Pro Bloggers (Chapters 9-13)

Once we get the right mindset, we need to know where to best spend our time. If you haven’t figured it out already, there are a million ways you can spend your time trying to build your online business.

Every few months there is a new social media channel that everyone is telling us we have to be on. Every month there are new tools that are supposed to make our lives easier. Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for using tools when it makes sense. But what I have found is that new tools can conveniently become a way to procrastinate and avoid the real work.

Pro Bloggers are relentless about how they spend their time. Many of them will not check e-mail or social media until their most important tasks are done for the day. They work on “event” time and not “clock” time.

This is an important distinction to make if you are an employee who wants to work for yourself one day. Event time means my work is done for the day when I get my most important work done. Clock time means I have to sit here until five o’clock this afternoon so I might as well pace myself.

In the pages ahead, you’ll learn about the four keystone habits all full-time bloggers have. Knowing and understanding what these four habits are will help you to say no to everything else.

If you were to look at my weekly calendar, you’d find that these four habits consume 90-95% of my work schedule. They are that important. I’ll even share with you how a typical workday looks in the life of a full-time blogger.

The Systems of Pro Bloggers (Chapters 14-17)

Once you’ve adopted the right mindset and mastered the keystone habits, how do you take things to the next level? After all, there is only so much of you to go around. The answer is in systems. All successful bloggers place high value on people, processes and plans in order to get to the next level.

They instinctively know that they are not an expert at everything. They are better off focusing on the few areas where they shine. They document their processes so other people can help them grow their business. Pro Bloggers also place high priority on plans. You’ll learn the three main plans they use to grow their businesses.

Reaching this level in your blogging business doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process. It isn’t something you go into—but grow into. Getting better organized and creating systems that foster growth is what all of the really successful bloggers do. Don’t worry. We will show you how later in the book.

The Leverage of Pro Bloggers (Chapters 18-20)

Leverage is where the magic happens. This tier in the blogging pyramid is about more than just passive income and earning money while you sleep. The type of leverage you’ll learn about in the chapters ahead is much more powerful. It’s the kind of leverage that not only helps you get to the top, but stay on top for years to come.

It might surprise you as to what these two types of leverage are. You may have never thought of these as leverage points, but you’ll soon discover why they hold so much power. This type of leverage helps you to stay relevant. In a world in which things change on a daily basis, this is vital to the longevity of your business.

Now that you have a better idea as to the framework of the pyramid, it’s time to get started. Let’s take a closer look at the bottom tier of the pyramid—the inner game of blogging.


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