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Not too long ago I offered several ways that you can use webinars to not only connect better with your audience but to also create more income buckets for your online business. Today, I want to share with you a free webinar software called AnyMeeting. I have had my eyes on them for a few months, but just last week they released a new update that total changed the game in my opinion.

AnyMeeting really took the feedback they had been receiving from users and quickly implemented them in this update. I have tested the software a few times already and have had very little issues. Now, I will say that I have yet to use it on a large scale of 100+ users but I am definitely considering it.

Here are a few of the handy features that I like about AnyMeeting:

  • No charge whatsoever. They do show ads on the right side of your viewer’s screen, but other than that it is free.
  • Hold up to 200 people in your webinar. This is over 100 more attendees that you can have on GoToWebinar that costs $99 a month.
  • You can record your webinar. I have tested this feature and it worked well for me.
  • Screen sharing is allowed. This is helpful when you want to show the viewers how to do something.
  • Nice and easy to use interface. I am most impressed with how nice the new interface looks. It makes it easy to chat and easy to take polls, change settings, hand over controls, pause recordings, and more.
While there are still features that I wished that it had, the new update has eliminated any initial concerns that I had of using this as my main webinar software. One of the best features is that the viewer cannot see how many people are in attendance. This means that you can teach as though you are talking with hundreds when you might be talking to five people. You really have no reason for not trying to host a webinar for your audience.
UPDATE: Bob and I recently tried out AnyMeeting for a large scale webinar. The room capacity is 200 people. We had a total of 134. In some ways, the webinar was smoother than other alternatives. However, my recommendation at the moment is that AnyMeeting works best on a smaller scale. I will continue to keep my eye on it because I believe it has real potential.


Give it a try and see how it works for you. In a future Blogging Your Passion University course we will be talking in depth about how to make money with webinars. If you are just getting started blogging, check out the BYPU 101 course that has gotten some great feedback so far.

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